Madonna Adopts a Set of Twin Girls from Malawi

Madonna Adopts a Set of Twin Girls from Malawi

Everybody knows Madonna. She is one of the most appreciated artists in the world. However, she is also known for her humanitarian work all over the world, especially in poor countries. In her travels, she adopted two Malawi children back in 2006 and 2009: David Banda and Mercy James. Now, according to some government officials, Madonna received permission from the Malawian high court to adopt two more children. More precisely, a set of two four-year old twin girls, Stella and Esther.

Madonna’s kind nature

Madonna previously denied that she visited Malawi looking to adopt some more children. However, on Tuesday, a judicial spokesman declared that the singer received permission from the high court of Malawi to adopt two children. Madonna is going to adopt the two girls from the orphanage called Home of Hope which is located in on the western border with Zambia. Both Madonna and the father of the girls were present in a courtroom in Lilongwe, where the judge gave her the permission to adopt the little girls. However, there is a condition which the singer must fulfill.

To prove that she can provide a right home for the children. Which, as we all know, she undoubtedly will. A guardian appointed by the government of the country will go with the singer and the twins to the United States to observe how she takes care of them. Then, he will report back to the government. One of Madonna’s lawyers in Malawi declared that he is not worried that his client will prove that she can indeed take good care of the kids. She has done it before, she will do it one more time.

Four adopted children

However, some people in Malawi accused the government of the country of unfair treatment when it comes to Madonna and her desire to adopt children. The laws of the country actually prevent foreign people from adopting children from Malawi and raise them out of the country. Still, it seems like the government does not respect this law because Madonna is adopting children from this country a second time.

Back in January, Madonna denied some rumors which were claiming that she plans on adopting more children from Malawi. Instead, she declared that she was only visiting the country as part of her work which she does for the NGO Raising Malawi. Madonna has now six children in total. Apart from the twin girls Esther and Stella, she has two previously adopted children, David Banda and Mercy James. They are also joined by the singer’s natural children, Rocco (whose father is director Guy Ritchie) and Lourdes, from an older relationship.

The singer herself announced her many fans on her Instagram profile that she finished the adoption of the twin girls. She added a photo of her holding hands with the four-year old girls from Malawi. She also posted the happy news on her Twitter account. Here, Madonna offered some more details about the girls’ home, prior to the adoption.

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