Mailmen Do have a Dog Problem, Report Shows

'Beware of the Dog Sign'

According to the U.S. Postal Service thousands of postal workers were attacked by dogs in 2015.

The U.S. Postal Service revealed this week that one of postal workers’ constant problems is dealing with dogs when trying to do their jobs. According to the report, 6,549 U.S. mailmen were attacked by a canine last year. Experts said that the figure represents a 14 percent increase from the prior year.

The U.S. Postal Service investigators also found that postal workers in Houston had it the roughest. Seventy-seven postmen were attacked by dogs last year in Houston alone, making the area the most probable place for such an encounter to occur. So, if you plan to pursue such career you might want to work in another city or at least know what to expect.

In North America, 4.5 million Americans are attacked by dogs on an annual basis, official reports show. Most of the victims are children while most dogs are familiar to the people they choose to bite. But experts believe that the number of dog bite victims may grow even larger over the next few years. Especially among postal workers are at risk since e-commerce is on the rise and more and more people need their services.

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced that it had in store a new set of measures to curb the number of attacks. One measure includes a system to notify mailmen of the presence of canines on their routes.

But one such system needs recipients of packages to notify the websites where they shop from that they have a dog. The postal service also urges people to lock their dogs in a separate room when they answer the door when the mailman rings. Plus, recipients should by no means allow their children to pick up the package as dogs are usually very protective when it comes to their younger masters.

The report was released a week before the “National Dog Bite Prevention Week” which is slated for this Sunday. An insurance company conducted a separate investigation into the matter and found that dog-related injuries cost it $118 million last year alone.

The company advises pet owners to opt for liability insurance when they decide to take care of a dog. The firm also disclosed that most incidents could have been prevented if dog owners had practiced “responsible pet ownership.”

According to DogsBite website, 34 Americans were killed last year by a dog. In 82 percent of cases, a pit bull was involved. Additionally, pitbulls and rotweilers are the most lethal breed of dogs in the U.S. About 91 percent of dog-related fatalities are related to these two breeds of dogs.

Image Source: Wikimedia