Marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco

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The secondhand smoke from marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco

The secondhand smoke from marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco. A survey published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that smoking cannabis passively has a worse effect on the arteries than being too close to a smoker of cigarettes. This is the premiere study which concluded that smoke from cannabis is worse than smoke from tobacco use.

Previous research found the opposite to be true. The secondhand smoke from cannabis survey was conducted at the University of California. The team of experts experimented on lab rats. Researchers looked at the blood vessel performance of the tiny animals before and after exposure to cannabis smoke for the duration of a minute.

What they found was that taking cannabis smoke in for the limited amount of time given, hampered the rats’ arteries function for over an hour and a half. That was three times longer than the time needed for the arteries to bounce back after breathing regular tobacco smoke for the duration of one minute.

Mathew Springer, the senior author of the study, commented that even though the effect lasts temporarily for both cannabis and tobacco smoke, these passing problems can turn in long-term health conditions if contact with secondhand smoke happens often. This leads to clogged and hardened arteries.

There is popular belief that cannabis smoke doesn’t affect us, but new evidence suggests it does. And health professionals now advise people to avoid taking in secondhand cannabis smoke because it is even worse than regular cigarette smoke.

The culprit for the compromised blood vessel function is not the THC in the plant. It is rather the toxic cocktail of substances which is found in both cigarette and cannabis smoke.

Other studies have linked THC to a slowing down in the narrowing and hardening of the arteries.This disease is called atherosclerosis.

Rat and human arteries are very similar when it comes to arteries and blood vessels. That’s why scientists believe their findings also apply to humans.

For now, more longer term surveys are needed to reach a conclusion on the detrimental effects on health that marijuana poses.

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