During An Interview McCain Does It Again!

During An Interview McCain Does It Again!

On Sunday, Senator John McCain expressed his feelings in regards to President Donald Trump’s allegations. Trump stated (through a series of tweets), that former president Barack Obama wiretapped his New York headquarters during the presidential campaign. Now, it seems like McCain decided to speak up his mind and said that the president should either provide solid proof of his claims or take back what he said and apologize.

McCain said everything on CNN’s show “State of the Union”. He added that, in his opinion, more details will come out in what concerns Russia’s intervention in the presidential election. Moreover, McCain said that he, and many others, do not believe that Trump’s claims are true. All because the president has not provided any believable whatsoever in this regard. Actually, a White House official stated that Donald Trump based his allegations on an article from Breitbart. This also did not provide any solid proof.

Trump should offer proof to the people

During the show, McCain said that if the president wanted to clear everything up, he could do it right away. He could get information from the intelligence agencies in a minute and clarify everything. Numerous national security officials have actually denied Trump’s allegations. Among them were the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and even FBI Director James Comey, according to some sources. Moreover, the former United States president Barack Obama denied ever doing something like this, through a spokesman. So, nothing seems to help the president and support his wiretapping claims.

As for Russia’s intervention in the presidential campaign, there have been numerous claims about this issue. According to reports, some Trump associates have contacted a number of Russian players. This is once again raising concerns about Russia’s effect on the presidential election’s result. Moreover, the United States intelligence community has concluded some time ago that Russia indeed made huge efforts, especially hacking-related ones, to put Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a bad light. Recently, the European giant denied everything that has been said about the country. Interestingly enough, on Sunday, a Kremlin spokesman told CNN that Russia is being “demonized”.


Russia’s intervention into the election is reportedly being investigated. However, the White House reportedly asked the Congress to also include Trump’s baseless wiretapping claims in the investigation. In the same Sunday interview, John McCain also stated that no matter what he does, Trump must conclude this series of claims one way or another. He should not leave them like this because they could affect his mandate. However, what McCain doesn’t realize is the people that put Trump in office want him to fight back, they want him to attack, and they want him to fight the Democrats at all costs. Public hearings start March 21st and I think once the hearings are over the issue of Russia will be put to rest. Let’s just be honest the real reasons the Democrats are upset with Russia is because they believe Russia hacked them and they need to blame someone for Trump’s win.  However, as McCain concluded in his interview, in classic slimy politician form “one should not judge or make a decision until the investigation’s end. Only then, the people will know for sure what really happened there.”

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