Medical Marijuana Unavailable to Patients

medical marijuana

Four congresspeople, have introduced a bill on marijuana.

The lawmakers in America continue to undermine cannabis prohibition during this session of Congress. This bill is to remove obstacles to cannabis research.

A group of two-party Senators also plan to introduce a similar bill in Senate. Dr. Harris believes that prohibition is blocking research which could save millions of lives from cancer, epilepsy, and many other conditions.

However, rep. Harris opposes this more liberal regime for cannabis. Like most doctors, he did not have official access to the thousands of research reviews that confirm the plant’s medical efficacy.

However, more than two hundred million Americans have access to a form of medical marijuana, yet federal policy still is in the way of research.

Congressman Blumenauer stated that the situation is “outrageous” and that Congress owes to patients and families to allow much-needed research for physicians to weigh out the risks and benefits of legal marijuana use and to determine proper dosage.

Other Congressmen, like Griffith, think that removing the barrier to medical research is the right thing to do. He also says that more and more states pass their marijuana laws. This puts pressure on the Congress to make a decision about long-term federal policy.

The bill would help in the way of medical marijuana research and separate facts from rhetoric. The act would also allow researchers access to more cannabis resources.  This would make cannabis easier to get from alternative sources. Until now, Government was the only authority which could use cannabis. This came with great costs for the industry, regarding security.

On Thursday, Congress gave permission for banks to get involved in the medical marijuana business. Because of the new law, there would possibly be delays in the delivery of cannabis for patients. The state Department has warned that, until the new law comes into effect, on the 1st of July, patients who take medical cannabis could be put on waiting lists.

This is because a new database for research and authorization is under development. The new law introduces a card, for patients above twenty-one to have access to medical marijuana legally and free from prosecution. The department issued a statement on patient safety, re-affirming the deadline on the 1st of July.

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