Melania Is Showing Just how Strong She Is

Melania Is Showing Just how Strong She Is

On Monday, the White House made the official announcement that first lady Melania Trump has chosen her new communications director. Deputy press secretary Stephanie Grisham is going to be the person who, from now on, will occupy a crucial position in the White House communications staff for the first lady’s East Wing team. Still, who is Stephanie Grisham? Well, she served as Donald Trump’s director of traveling press during his presidential campaign. She was the responsible for the security of the campaign’s press plane. After working for some time from Arizona, she left that job and came to be a full-time member of Trump’s campaign.

A statement from Melania Trump

According to an official statement from first lady Melania Trump, Grisham is going to bring her experience and be a “wonderful addition” to her team. The first lady hopes that together, they will keep on building their agenda to preserve the traditions of the country and be in the service of the people of America. Grisham was previously the press secretary of the Arizona House of Representatives. She also has some ten years of experience working in communications and media relations.

As for what Grisham said, she expressed her gratitude for being chosen for such an important job. She also stated that she feels very “honored.” In another official statement, she said that Melania Trump’s life story should inspire millions of people. Not only women from all over the world but entrepreneurs and mothers. Grisham also stated that she would help the first lady accomplish her tasks and communicate her unifying message to the nation.

Melania’s staff is taking shape

Even if the first lady has been keeping a low profile since her husband officially took office, it seems like her team is slowly taking shape. The East Wing team has been gradually forming, and Grisham is the latest addition. Melania Trump will be officially moving into the White House shortly. 

The first lady hired some other people before Stephanie Grisham, to help her with her job. Among them are Lindsay Reynolds as her chief of staff and Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd as social secretary. Those appointments happened back in February. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, one of Melania’s good friends and former Vogue events director, has taken on the role of senior adviser and chief strategist.

The first lady has been gathering an army of strong women to help her with the difficult job that lays ahead. She said in a statement last month that this delay is due to her wish to appoint the best and most professional people. Also, she wants to have by her side individuals with a lot of experience. 

This is another example of the quality of people the Trump Administration finds and hires. 

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