Melania Trump Steps Out and Honors Women

Melania Trump Steps Out and Honors Women

Everybody noticed how rarely first lady Melania Trump appeared in public, especially since her husband became president of the United States. However, on Wednesday, she made one of her rare public appearances and spoke for women around the world who are victims of gender discrimination and violence. It all happened during a ceremony at the State Department. The event honored 13 women who unfortunately fell victim to rapists and attackers. The first lady said that nobody should diminish women because the whole world will be diminished with them.

A soft-spoken first lady

Melania Trump read her speech from a teleprompter. However, she felt each word she said, even if she spoke softly. She stated that each one of us should put ourselves in the shoes of those women who faced violence, discrimination, and many other unfair treatments. The First Lady often gestured towards the women who were around her, from Yemen to Sri Lanka. She encouraged everyone to stand together and fight against those issues which should disappear from the universal behavior. Everybody should protect women and children, and they should not face such brutalities.

Out of the shadows

This speech will probably mark the beginning of a more visible period for Melania Trump. For the entire week, she was in New York, taking care of their son Barron, who is still studying there. However, even if she was not in the public eye, the first lady participated in a lot of activities. According to Stephanie Grisham, Ms. Trump’s new communications director, she had taken part in the president’s visits with foreign leaders. She also visited schools and hospitals for children. Moreover, Melania is reportedly very excited to host the White House Easter egg roll, an annual tradition, which will take place on April 17.

All in all, it is magnificent that the first lady has begun taking matters into her hands and talking about pressing issues which the world is confronting with today. Melania is proving that she cares for women’s rights and she wishes to protect them. 

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