Melania Trump Files Lawsuit Against Publication Calling her an “Escort”

Melania Trump Files Lawsuit Against Publication Calling her an “Escort”

On Monday, First Lady Melania Trump, 46, filed a $150 million lawsuit against the publication the Daily Mail. According to the lawsuit, she did not perform her duties as First Lady the way she wanted to because the media outlet called her an “elite escort”. Melania also says that the Daily Mail published a defamatory article about her on August 19 which was full of false claims, which deeply hurt her reputation and prevented her from establishing “multimillion dollar business relationships”. This will especially affect her during these years when she will be the focal point of the entire world.  

The first lady punches back

According to the lawsuit, the fact that the publication published that totally untrue article made her brand, “Melania”, lose popularity and damaged her opportunity to establish a successful commercial brand. This brand would have included lots of things, from shoes and accessories to cosmetics and fragrance. That Daily Mail articled claimed at the time that Melania Trump’s modeling career was a total fake and that she was never an actual model but an “elite escort”. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the First Lady, claims otherwise and states that she never had anything to do with that world, let alone work as an escort.

Melania Trump also fired back at some other claims made by the same publication. According to the Daily Mail, she lied about the way she came to live in the United States. Moreover, her and Donald Trump’s meeting was completely staged. She is claiming that what the Daily Mail has done is completely “outrageous” and lacks any decency whatsoever. According to the lawsuit, this is completely unacceptable from their part.

No comments from any part

Charles Harder, the attorney who is helping Melania, did not make any comment on the situation. Neither did the White House or the Daily Mail, for the moment. Harder is also the one who represented wrestler Hulk Hogan last year. Back then, he won a verdict worth of $140 million against the now non-existent publication, Gawker. So, this might lead us to believe that Melania Trump also has a good chance at winning this.

The defamatory articled from the Daily Mail was retracted and the publication issued an official statement. According to it, the Daily Mail never wanted to hurt the first lady or her businesses. Also, that the article never claimed precisely that she was an escort. However, Trump still filed the lawsuit because of the big emotional and economic damage it provoked. It is also asking for compensation worth of $150 million.

First Lady Melania Trump still seems to be keeping away from the spotlight, even after her husband officially became the president of the United States. This prompted critics to wonder what approach she will take as the first lady. Until now, she has not done anything. Moreover, Melania is still living in New York with their son Baron. However, she has hired her staff which will probably take care of the things she will miss until she moves to Washington.

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