Melania Surprising Announcement Regarding Lawsuit

Melania Surprising Announcement Regarding Lawsuit

Yesterday, first lady Melania Trump filed a lawsuit against a British news company. In the lawsuit, she accused the news publication of intentionally trying to hurt her reputation and the profitability of her personal brand. These accusations come after the news outlet claimed that she was once an “elite escort”. Today, a representative of the first lady issued another official statement. This one says that Melania does not want to profit from her public image and that she is only concerned for her reputation being seriously hurt and affecting her first lady status.

Melania Trump seeks no profit

There were actually two statements issued at the same time. One from one of her representatives and another from a law firm which represents her. Both are stating that it is not the intention of the first lady to gain profit with her brand from her public position. Also, that any other interpretation of the lawsuit is completely wrong and seeks to hurt her image even more.

According to the lawsuit which Melania filed on Monday, her personal brand “Melania” which sells accessories could not function property . The reason? All of those false claims. More precisely, this defamatory story about her being an “elite escort” deeply hurt the brand’s chances at becoming iconic and successful. The publication published the article which the lawsuit is referring to in August last year. The story falsely claimed that she once worked for an escort service. The lawsuit also claims that because of it, Melania also missed on huge opportunities of expanding her brand.

Not the first lawsuit

However, this is not the first such lawsuit that first lady Melania Trump files. Back in September, she also accused Mail Media and a blogger from Maryland of making public false stories about her past. A judge dismissed the case against Mail Media. Still, the local blogger whose name is Webster Tarpley apologized to the first lady and agreed to pay a “substantial sum” of money as compensation for the false claims.

The Daily Mail retracted the supposedly false article and issued a statement offering some details about the situation. This was not enough. The lawsuit claims that the publication should compensate the emotional and economic damage of the article. The sum? About $150 million.

This recent lawsuit against the Daily Mail comes as the first lady continues to lay low. She continues to avoid the spotlight as much as she can. She continues to live in New York with her and Donald Trump’s son, Baron. However, she has begun hiring members for her staff which will most likely yelp her with her first lady duties. Both when she is away and when she will move to Washington. The lawsuit in itself received a lot of critics. Richard Painter, a former White House ethics counsel said that the text of the lawsuit clearly displayed the first lady’s wish to gain a profit from her brand and her public position. This is probably why her representative felt the need to clarify some details.

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