Watch Out Melania Trump Has Had Enough! Her Plan to Stop the Vicious Attacks

Watch Out Melania Trump Has Had Enough! Her Plan to Stop the Vicious Attacks

It seems like the first lady of the United States is sick and tired of so many attacks. Most are coming, according to her, from left-leaning celebrities. Now, according to some media reports, Melania Trump is making plans to fight back those posts. Many of them also involve her and Donald Trump’s son, Barron, who is just 10-year old. Rumor has it that she is gathering a team of people who will help her defend her family from such attacks.

Preparing to counter-attack

Some reports are stating that Melania Trump is currently working with a former Vogue staff member and Met ball organizer. This person is going to help her select a chief of staff, a communications chief and a social secretary. Since the president’s inauguration last Friday, both his wife and their son have been under attack from social-media users. One of the most prominent ones was comedian Chelsea Handler. She stated that she did not want to make an interview with the first lady because she can “barely speak English”. Handler also mentioned the fact that Melania is “miserable” in her marriage with the president of the United States.

Apart from her, a writer for the “Saturday Night Live” show posted a Twitter message saying that Barron Trump is going to be America’s first “homeschool shooter”. All those attacks really infuriated not only Melania, and Donald Trump’s personal lawyer too. He even released an official statement in which he stated that Chelsea Handler should be ashamed for what she said about the first lady. Moreover, he said that Melania actually speaks five different languages, despite her accent which might fool some people.

A war fought on Twitter

Chelsea Handler’s acid messages started some kind of Twitter war. Many people chose sides and most of them criticized the comedian for attacking the first lady so mercilessly.

Many people have said that by attacking Melania’s accent, she attacks a lot of immigrant families. Others have said that it is not nice to preach tolerance when you are not tolerant at all. People have said that it is degrading to attack a 10-year old boy. One who did nothing wrong and who happens to be Donald Trump’s son. It is reportedly insulting and worthy of pity.

Is Melania Trump would choose to act on the matter and really do something against those attacks, it would not be the first time she does that. Melania proved last year that she does not accept being stepped on. The first lady filed a $150 million lawsuit against The Daily Mail’s parent company. Also, she filed a lawsuit against blogger Webster Griffin Tarpley who reportedly claimed with no evidence that she was once an escort. Melania said at the time that those articles defamed her greatly. Both media outlets are still facing the lawsuit even after they deleted their stories. All in all, it seems like the first lady will not accept those attacks and she will act against them, making sure that nobody will insult her family anymore.

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