Melania Trump promises to Stop Bullying if she becomes First Lady

Melania Trump promises to Stop Bullying if she becomes First Lady

On Thursday, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Melania Trump, returned to the public eye. She never actually disappeared, but she chose to keep a low profile after a scandal surrounding one of her speeches. At the time, people accused her of stealing large parts from Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. The interesting fact is that Melania held the “stolen” speech at the Republican National Convention. It is not a connection, it is just funny how they both  used their speeches in almost the same context. The writer of her speech admitted that Melania was inspired by Michelle Obama’s speech, so she included some passages in hers too.


She began her speech by reminding everyone about her childhood in Slovenia and how she wanted to follow a career in fashion ad modelling. Also, that she looked up to Ronald Reagan as a child. She also said that she is an immigrant who values America’s freedom and opportunity. Remember what Donald Trump said about immigrants countless times? Exactly!

Melania Trump said that if she will become First Lady, she will start a fight against bullying and she will try and stop this phenomenon. But how ironic is that the wife of maybe the most renowned bully in the U.S. promises to fight against bullying? Where has Melania lived until now? Doesn’t she realize that this is maybe the most unusual move? So, long story short, she promised to fight her husband? Ok, maybe not, but this is what people have understood from her speech.

The most bizarre move

In Philadelphia, the wife of the Republican presidential nominee said that the American culture has become too violent. Also, she thinks that it is unacceptable when teenagers are bullied, be it at school, on the playground or on the Internet. It looks as if Melania has been totally out of the game since her last appearance. Because in the meantime, numerous women have accused her husband of sexually abusing them. And practically anyone who dares to contradict Donald Trump will become a victim of his attacks. So what is she talking about?

Melania also talked about how kids are victims to bullying because of their intelligence or physical appearance. Funny how Mr. Trump has always attacked people based on exactly those traits. It is like she is making fun of everyone! Or, she has absolutely no connection to reality.

Supporters are defending Trump

A supporter defended Donald Trump’s behavior by saying that he does not bully anyone. He is not attacking children or innocent people. He is just responding to those people who are talking in an inappropriate way to him. From here we understand that it is called bullying only if it involves children. Another female supporter said that she, as a woman, has said worse things about men than Donald Trump said about women. But even so, she admitted that in the area, he is not doing great with women voters.

All in all, Melania Trump’s last appearance is surprising to say the least. And the things she is talking about are true indeed, but not in accordance with her persona and family. We will see how she will fight bullying, even if she will not become First Lady.

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