Mexican President Stiffs Trump And Proclaims A Shocking Policy

Mexican President Stiffs Trump And Proclaims A Shocking Policy

Today Mexican President Enrique Pena canceled his meeting with President Trump. According to President Pena they informed the White House early this morning he would not attend the meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

President Trump went on the attack via his favorite social media platform Twitter.

In a video statement translated by CNN President Pena stated that

“Mexico does not believe in walls. I’ve said time again; Mexico will not pay for any wall,”

President Pena also made a strong statement regarding illegal Mexican immigrants in the US.

In his video address, Peña Nieto also said he had ordered government agencies to step up protection for immigrants.
“I’ve asked for the minister of Foreign Relations to re-enforce protection measures to our citizens,” he said. He added that the 50 Mexican consulates in the US will be used to defend the rights of immigrants in the country and issued a call to action to legislators and civil organizations to help immigrants.

Peña Nieto closed his message by saying that Mexico offers and expects respect. “Mexico offers its friendship to the people of the United States and expresses its wish to arrive at agreements with its government, deals that will be in favor of Mexico and the Mexicans,” he said.

No doubt President Pena did not come to the US after the two executive actions signed by President Trump yesterday. Both executive actions were directly aimed at his country and people coming through his country into the US. However, it would be wise for President Pena to realize that he has no leverage over any negotiation with America and, President Trump could shut him out.

Source: CNN