Mexico Violates US Law With It’s Message To Illegals Immigrants

Mexico Violates US Law With It’s Message To Illegals Immigrants

Instead of doing what’s right and trying to improve relations the Mexican government did exactly the opposite. On Friday Mexico warned its citizens in the US to “take precautions”. The reason for this was the cause of the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos.

“The case involving Mrs. Garcia de Rayos illustrates a new reality for the Mexican community living in the United States, facing the most severe implementation of immigration control measures. “have intensified their work of protecting fellow nationals, foreseeing more severe immigration measures to be implemented by the authorities of this country, and possible violations to constitutional precepts during such operations and problems with due process,” Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday.

ICE officials stated that Rayos committed a crime and as a result was deported back to Mexico. It was reported by the Washington Post today that ICE sweeps have increased in the Los Angeles area as well. According to the Pew Research Center Mexicans make up 52% of all unauthorized immigrants in 2014. Illegal Immigrant Juan Miguel Cornejo reported to CNN that he may be deported and considers himself a political refugee.

“I am not a criminal or a terrorist,” he said during a Phoenix demonstration Thursday night in support of Garcia de Rayos.
“The only terrorists are the people who pass laws against working people, against the people who lay the brick in the construction of their homes, the people who harvest the food on their tables.”

So apparently those who follow the law are the terrorists and those that come here illegally are the victims. Mexico continues to support its citizens living here illegally yet do nothing for those citizens living in their country. Hey, Mexico how about you tell your citizens to come home and instead of trying to rid yourself of a problem, and take care of them.

Source: CNN