Michael Flynn Wants to Testify in Exchange for Immunity

Michael Flynn Wants to Testify in Exchange for Immunity

According to a Thursday statement from Michael Flynn’s lawyer, the former national security adviser has offered to testify before the White House and the Senate investigators. They are currently analyzing Russia’s intervention in the United States presidential election. However, it seems like Flynn wants to gain immunity from any unfair prosecution, in exchange to his information. Flynn stepped down from his position as national security adviser last month. This happened after the revelation that he failed to mention some conversations he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Back then, he said that he simply forgot to mention this detail. 

Information in exchange for immunity

Michael Flynn’s lawyer, Robert Kelner, is the one who confirmed that his client has been discussing with the House and the Senate intelligence committees. Did not offer any details regarding the way in which Flynn would testify. Nor about the terms of his testimony. However, he stated that nobody in the world would make such a statement without having any certainty that they would not face prosecution after. So, if we are to take into consideration this last statement, Flynn is looking for immunity from unfair prosecution in exchange for his testimony.  

It is interesting because such a deal of immunity would not allow the Justice Department to begin Flynn’s prosecution. Currently, the FBI is looking into Russia’s connections with the United States presidential election. However, the FBI is refusing to turn over any documentation to how the information was received or if the President was being spied on. 

Flynn’s plan

The Justice Department did not make any comment about the situation until now. Some people might think that Flynn has a well thought out plan in his mind to escape prosecution. However, experts are saying that nobody should jump to conclusions. It is normal for any person in possession of valuable information to first ask for immunity in exchange for their testimony. Both the FBI and the Congress will reportedly analyze the situation more before deciding to offer protection to Flynn.

Michael Flynn has always supported the relationship between the United States and Russia. He numerous times said that both countries have a common purpose, that being fighting terrorism. Back in 2015, he even attended a gala in Moscow. During it, he sat right next to the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Flynn is a retired three-star Army general. Also, he is a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. During the presidential campaign, Flynn was the man who advised President Trump regarding security issues. He has always advocated for stronger ties between Russia and the United States and frequently attacked Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. It is interesting that his admiration for the European giant got him in trouble. We will see if he will indeed receive the immunity he asked for.

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