Monica Crowley to Forgo White House Job After Plagiarism Reports

Monica Crowley to Forgo White House Job After Plagiarism Reports

A few weeks ago, Monica Crowley, was chosen to occupy an important position on Donald Trump’s National Security Council. Now, it seems like she has decided to give up on the post after many reports started rolling out according to which she copied some fragments in a book from 2012. CNN discovered this and stated that Crowley copied some pages for a book which she published with HarperCollins.

Accused of plagiarism

Crowley’s name was also in the books for the post of White House press secretary at one point. However, due to all the accusations of plagerism she announced her decision in an official statement for The Washington Times. In it, she stated that after thinking a lot about this situation, she decided to remain in New York and pursue some other opportunities. Thus, she decided not to take on the position in the National Security Council. Interestingly enough, she did not mention anything about the plagiarism accusations. According to an inside person, her role in the National Security Council would have been to take care of some speeches. It is understandable why she chose to not take it, especially after the plagiarism accusations.  

The publisher of her 2012 book said last week that it would withdraw the digital edition of her book called “What the (Bleep) Just Happened?”. This decision will last until she decides to address the allegations, not ignore them like nothing happened. Crowley’s book is a rather critical look at the entire Barack Obama presidency. It reportedly sold 20 000 hardcover copies.

Trump’s team defended Crowley

When Monica Crowley first faced accusations of plagiarism by CNN and Politico, Donald Trump’s team quickly defended her and her work. They released a statement which praised her “exceptional insight” and “thoughtful work”. The statement also mentioned that these plagiarism accusations are nothing else but an attempt to discredit her from a political point of view. Also, a way to distract people from the real problems of this country.

After she was proposed for this position, CNN revealed that she copied entire fragments and pages from news reports. Also, from articles and think tanks without giving any credit whatsoever. Politico also said that her doctoral dissertation had over twelve parts which she allegedly copied from scholarly works. They had almost no changes and she did not give credit at all.

All in all, it seems like Monica Crowley realized her mistake. Maybe this is why she chose not to accept the position in Trump’s National Security Council. However, the publisher of her book said that they are waiting for her denial or any comment whatsoever regarding the plagiarism allegations. Until then, nobody will be able to buy her book. It will be interesting to see if she would really come out and explain what happened. Also, who will Trump’s team choose next for this important position. Let’s hope it will be someone with no plagiarism allegations this time.

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