Moscow Loses Trust in Washington

Moscow Loses Trust in Washington

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview Wednesday that Moscow’s level of trust in Washington has ‘deteriorated’ since the U.S. billionaire president assumed office in January.

According to a transcript of an interview, Putin said the level of trust “especially on the military level” is rather worse than better than it used to be at the time Trump took office.

Putin’s Opinion on the Chemical Weapons Attack

When a reporter asked the Russian leader’s opinion on the allegations that the Syrian president staged the attack which led to the deaths of more than 70 civilians of whom many were women and children, Putin replied that Assad had gotten rid of his chemical weapons stocks.

Putin also said that he has a theory about what happened last Tuesday in the Idlib province, in Syria. Either the government forces’ airstrikes must have accidentally struck a chemical weapons store house owned by the rebels or the attack was staged by Assad’s opponents to discredit his regime.

Putin’s comments come hours before the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s set foot in Moscow. The Kremlin had said the U.S. official, however, won’t be meeting Putin, which could lead to more tensions.

Tillerson, who served as the CEO of U.S. gas and oil giant ExxonMobil used to had close ties to Putin and his cronies in Moscow as they struck many mutually beneficial deals. He is now charged with negotiating with Russia the fate of president Assad and the rest of his chemical weapons stocks in a way that avoids a major conflict between the three countries.

Of course, we know that the meeting did not go well and Tillerson even issued an ultimatum during a press conference. Tillerson put Russia on notice, it’s us or Assad.

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