Murder Rates are on the Rise. Why?

Murder Rates are on the Rise. Why?

It is normal that when they buy a house, people try to stay away from dangerous neighborhoods. But it seems like recently, murder rates are rising even in the U.S’ most desirable and fast-growing cities. Murder rates are expected to grow to 13.1 per cent, compared with last year. According to a recent report, almost half of those crimes are happening in Chicago. The center of it all is a nonpartisan law and policy institute at the New York University School of Law.

Surprisingly dangerous cities

But Chicago has been known to be home for many crimes over the years. The surprise comes with other cities considered not long ago, safer. Cities like San Jose, CA, and Austin, TX. This murder rate shows how many people have been killed per 100 000 residents.

Still, this doesn’t mean that if you live in one of those cities you should panic and put you house up for sale. The report shows that the murder rate is especially available for the poorest areas and for those that struggle to fight unemployment.

This is exactly one of the reasons why house prices are not getting any lower in that area. On a national level, murder rate is at a historic low, and is expected to rise with just 1.3 per cent in 2016. That is not very bad after all.

Where is the highest murder rate?

Austin, a rapidly growing crime oasis is expected to have the highest rate, with a grow of 115.4 per cent. The numbers may seem big, but sometimes they are deceiving. The number of killings in 2016 was 52. That’s one of the lowest rates in these cities that are considered dangerous.

Another reason for the growing murder rate is the city’s fast growing population. When so many people are relocating in that specific city, they may have a hard time adapting. Still, Austin is not considered one of the dangerous cities. More like one where people can still walk their dog at night.

Murder has nothing to do with money

In Silicon Valley’s San Jose, murder rate is expected to grow to 70.6 per cent. So money cannot buy peace or fewer homicides, even in the richest areas. Still, the number of murders is expected to be of just 51, a relatively low number. It may look horrible, but this city too is considered relatively safe.

But cities like New York are expected to have many more killings: 359. This is one of the cities where people are afraid to take the metro or walk the streets at night for fear that they will get murdered.

All in all, Chicago is not one of those cities. The crime rate is concentrated in those areas that have suffered and are poor. This has not affected the city’s house prices. The problem is that many people have moved out of the city, leaving it to these small communities that have the poorest people. For them, crime is a way of showing who’s stronger who should they listen to. The classic gang behavior.

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