Murder Suspect killed his Girlfriend because of a Guns N’ Roses Song

Murder Suspect killed his Girlfriend because of a Guns N’ Roses Song

A 52-year old man from Costa Mesa who was accused of murdering his girlfriend, revealed that he did it after listening to a Guns N’ Roses song. According to a prosecutor, he admitted that he loves the band and that before deciding to kill her, he listened to their song called “Used to love her”.

A late trial

The trial for the murder he committed only began on Wednesday. This is four years after he allegedly killed his 45-year-old girlfriend. He shot her after their personal and professional relationship went downhill. According to reports, it was now found out that the man had texted a friend eleven minutes before deciding to take his girlfriend’s life. In this text message he was telling him that he was listening to this song by famous rock band Guns N’ Roses. The song indeed features some telling lyrics, among them being: “I used to love her/ But I had to kill her”.

Mental health issues

Reports are also saying that the man tried to commit suicide after shooting his girlfriend dead. He shot himself with a shotgun but, luckily for him, the gun misfired. His defense is saying that the 52-year-old man has serious mental health issues. He also used to drink a lot. So his judgement was not at all clear when he mixed those two together. Also, he was suffering because of his relationship with his girlfriend, which was not going right. Now, he is charged with first-degree murder for the killing of 45-year-old Christine Marie Murray.

What are Guns N’ Roses saying

The members of the famous rock band Guns N’ Roses explained many times in the past that their song “Used to love her” is not based on a real person and subsequently, on a real murder. They supposedly wrote it as a joke and the song became successful. Their guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, said in an interview that the idea of the song came to him when they were listening to a radio intervention. A man was complaining that his girlfriend was treating him badly. So Stradlin came with a solution in the form of this song.

Their legendary guitar player, Slash, jokingly added that they felt so bad that they wanted to smash the radio against a wall. In their opinion, the guy who called was a coward who was only whining about his girl. So, the members of the band thought of a song idea which came alive after a studio session. According to Slash, they only changed the ending of the story, for the better, in their opinion.

Reality differs from fiction

But it seems like there are people out there who do not take these lyrics as a joke. Or the way they were intended to be taken. With mental health issues or not, nobody should ever do something they are hearing about in a song. Or they are seeing in a movie or TV show. Reality is different than fiction. And in real life, if you commit a murder, most likely you will get caught.

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