N. Korea: CIA Schemed with S. Korea to Assassinate Leader

N. Korea: CIA Schemed with S. Korea to Assassinate Leader

Pyongyang recently accused the Central Intelligence Agency that it was behind a plan to assassinate the country’s leader Kim Jong-Un. North Koreans accused South Korea of being an active participant in the plan.

CIA Behind “Vicious” Assassination Plot

North Korea said the U.S. spy agency and its neighbor’s Intelligence Services recently “hatched a vicious plot” to take down Kim. North Koreans claim the two agencies planned to use “biochemical weapons” to eliminate the communist regime’s young leader.

The announcement was made by North Korea’s Ministry of State Security on Friday. The agency added that the assassination was slated to occur during a public ceremonial event.

The Ministry added that the CIA’s weapon of choice would have yielded the desired result after six to twelve months. According to Pyongyang, the U.S. intelligence agency planned to employ either radioactive substances or invisible “poisonous substances” on Kim, because these weapons don’t require direct access to him.

The accusation comes amid rising tensions in the region. North Korea is currently engaged in a weeks-old stand off with the United States over its nuclear program. In recent weeks, the two countries have exchanged some tough words as Pyoongyang is determined to carry out its sixth nuclear test.

According to the recently-released statement, the American and South Korean spies have bribed an “ideologically corrupt” citizen named Kim to assassinate the country’s leader.

The statement also reads that North Koreans are poised to hunt down and “mercilessly destroy” every single CIA “terrorist” and the agency’s “puppets” from South Korea. The ministry added that the assassination plot is similar to a declaration of war.

Plot Was Recently Foiled

North Korea unveiled they uncovered the “heinous crime” recently and likened the plot to an act of terrorism against the state and the conscience of mankind. Party officials likened the attempt of assassination to an “act of mangling the future of humankind.”

The agency refused to provide details on how the plot was uncovered and what happened to the spy known as Kim. Pyongyang has often resorted to mass surveillance over its own population, and a plot to assassinate the leader or start a revolution from within has been extremely difficult.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is concerned about a surprise ally of North Korea. U.S. spies claim that North Korea has befriended Iran now and that a missile launch from the Middle East country earlier this week was based on the work of North Koreans.

U.S. agents found that the “midget” submarine used in the launch was based on a North Korean design. Pentagon said the Iranian launch of a Jask-2 cruise missile – the country’s first – failed. The U.S. have long suspected that the two countries have been sharing military expertise to beef up their missile tests.

U.S. experts said the missile Iran tried to launch a few days ago was a copy of North Korean missiles. Experts added that the two countries have other similar military hardware.

In late January, Iran performed a missile test, and the U.S. Defense department concluded that the Islamic Republic used a North Korean design. Last year, Iran launched another missile which was very similar to the Musudan, the most advanced missile North Korea was able to develop to date.
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