Compromised! Trump’s National Security Advisor Caught By DOJ

Compromised! Trump’s National Security Advisor Caught By DOJ

Michael Flynn, the national security adviser reportedly resigned from his position on Monday night. The reason for his action was the fact that he reportedly lied to Vice President Mike Pence and to other White House officials about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Flynn was national security adviser for less than a month. He admitted that, before the inauguration, he offered “incomplete information“ about a conversation he had back in December with the Russian ambassador. The topic of their discussion was reportedly the sanctions against Russia for intervening in the election. The issue which upset the Vice President was that Flynn repeatedly said that he never talked with the ambassador. In the following weeks, Pence repeated that claim everywhere he went. Now, that Flynn admitted to lying, Mike Pence is in a difficult position.

Previous warnings

However, it looks like the Justice Department actually warned the White House as soon as last month about Flynn not being completely honest about his conversations. The Justice Department also feared that Flynn might soon become victim to blackmail from Russia. Now that the post of national security adviser is empty, it looks like Retired Lt. Gen. Joseph Keith Kellogg Jr. will take on this position until a replacement will arrive. However, he may keep his temporary position because, according to rumors, he is the favorite to succeed Flynn.

Michael Flynn’s resignation letter was made public and e-mailed to reporters by the White House. In it, he is saying that during the transition period he had many calls with foreign officials. Unfortunately, he failed to brief the president completely regarding his call with the Russian ambassador. He stated that he apologized to both the president and the Vice President and that they accepted his sincere apologies. Even in his resignation letter he praised Donald Trump. Let’s not forget that he was one of the most avid supporters of his candidacy.

Pence had his suspicions

According to some reports, Mike Pence told some people in the White House that he believed that Flynn lied him. The FBI had also been examining his phone calls after suspicions arose regarding his conversations with Russian officials. Moreover, the army had also been investigating whether or not Flynn received a sum of money from Moscow during a trip he took there in 2015. That would have been a serious violation of the Constitution. Fortunately, the Army did not found any evidence of this situation.

Stephen K. Bannon, president Trump’s chief strategist was the one who asked for Flynn’s resignation since Friday. Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly the person who was the most disappointed with everything that happened because he defended Flynn on numerous occasions on TV. Now that it is clear that he was lying, Pence feels like he lied to the people too. Rumor has it that Flynn did not apologize to Pence, even if he states that he did in his resignation letter. Instead, he blamed it all on his bad memory. Frankly, he did not remember all the details of the discussion. We will soon see who will be the replacement for the position of national security adviser.

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