Neil M. Gorsuch Sworn in…Finally!

Neil M. Gorsuch Sworn in…Finally!

On Thursday, the Senate Republicans made a huge change in the way the Chamber usually confirms Supreme Court nominations. They managed to get over opposition from the Democrats in what concerned the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch. What they did will undoubtedly change both the Senate and the court. On Thursday morning, Democrats managed to remain firm on their positions and filibustered Gorsuch. However, after that, Republicans voted to lower the number of votes a Supreme Court nomination needed to pass, from 60 to a simple majority. 

The “nuclear option.”

The Senate Republicans are the ones who did it on Thursday, with 52 votes (meaning all the Republicans) to change the confirmation rules. At the same time, all 48 Democrats and independents voted to keep it, but apparently, in vain. Democrats are blaming Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and his fellow Republicans.

On Friday, the final confirmation vote

Republicans needed 60 votes for the president’s nomination to pass approval. This meant that at least eight Democrats or independents should have joined them. This way, Gorsuch would have passed to a final vote. When only about five Democrats switched sides, Republicans had two options: to leave Gorsuch to fail or do what was right. They chose the second option. 

Today Judge Gorsuch was sworn into the Supreme Court and can now start making a positive impact in America. 

Image source: cloudfront