New On-Demand Bus Service Launched by Ford

The new on-demand bus service launched by Ford in Kansas City has a bright future.

The new on-demand bus service launched by Ford is sure to prove of real help to the people living in Kansas city. Ford has teamed up with a bus company named Birdj and the Area Transportation Authority of Kansas City in order to provide the citizens with several shuttles that can be summoned through an online application.

Residents of Kansas City will have to download the Bridj app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. In the app, they will type their current location and the destination they wish to reach. Next, they will be able to choose from prearranged times set by the Ford shuttles that are estimating their time of arrival at the nearest pop-up bus stop. After selecting a time, the users are reserving a seat on the shuttle.

The shuttles will sport the logos of Bridj and Ford and each has a capacity of fourteen places. The purpose of these buses is to serve neighborhoods in Kansas City that do not have plenty options of public transportation.

The pilot program named Ride KC: Bridj is set to last for one year and will be available in downtown Kansas City, Vine Jazz district, Crown Center, the Historic 18th, Hospital Hill, the near west and east sides, the Medical Center of the University of Kansas and some areas of Midtown. However, if more users will be added and the demand will rise, more neighborhoods will be added to the service.

The founder of Bridj which is based in Boston, Matt George, has stated that the service will not be supplementing the existing public transportation, but only provide residents with another option. The drivers of the new shuttles will come from the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

The three companies have proudly declared that their project is the first collaboration between public and private services in the United States that brings together a company focused on urban technology, an automaker and a U.S. transit system. The CEO of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Robbie Makinen, has named the new project a microtransit, for it creates an affordable and comfortable transportation network for the residents of Kansas City.

The new on-demand bus service launched by Ford in Kansas City is expected to fare well since it will also test the Smart Mobility Initiative from Ford. The initiative is meant to reduce car traffic and solve the transportation challenges.

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