New Space Tourism Posters from NASA

The new space tourism posters from NASA show imagination has no boundaries.

It seems even scientists cannot resist to creativity and imagination and they have designed those new space tourism posters from NASA that look absolutely gorgeous. Even though we might have many years to wait until space travel will become a reality, that cannot put a stop to our dreams.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory from NASA has just published a series of retro posters meant to advertise various imaginary destinations in space. The wonderful pieces of art were created by artists from the design studio of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The series is titled “Visions of the Future” and challenges viewers to glimpse into the future advancement of science and consider booking vacations on other planets. Three posters from the series have been previously released last year and are now part of the “Exoplanet” series.

The posters show vibrant landscapes and places in the retro style, giving a feeling of exploration thrill to the viewer. For example, the one for Europa showcases the opportunity of exploring the underwater world of the moon. Other posters present planets very similar to our own, with snowy mountains and grassy fields.

The beautiful images also feature amusing texts, referring to the “oasis in space” where you do not have to pay for air since you can finally breathe easily. This particular poster shows two astronauts who have discarded their helmets and are enjoying the beautiful view. Others refer to experiencing the power of gravity, making a stop on Ceres that is the last planet with water until explorers can reach Jupiter or witnessing the breathtaking auroras of the latter.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Design Studio was created thirteen years ago when Dan Goods, visual strategist at NASA, requested help for the JPL from director Charles Elachi. Thus, a new design team with six members was created, helmed by Goods. The studio is now responsible for helping engineers and researchers visualize various missions, but also for providing design work for NASA.

The design team was able to collaborate with the JPL and thus be constantly informed on the latest discoveries and endeavors in space. David Delgado who works at the JPL Design Studio believes this is an amazing opportunity for the designers. He added that the space agency requested them to design the posters, and they quickly came up with the touristic idea.

The new space tourism posters from NASA must have been quite a fun task to do, especially since the designers are major science fiction fans.

Image Source: fastcodesign