New Virtual Reality Headset Will Be Released by Google

It seems that a new virtual reality headset will be released by Google soon.

Rumors are circulating that a new virtual reality headset will be released by Google as early as next autumn. After the success of Google Cardboard, it seems the company is hard at work for developing new and more advanced VR devices.

The strategy of the major corporation was flawless until now. Google sold more than five million cheap cardboard devices that anyone with a smartphone could use, and the numbers are only expected to grow in 2016. Other companies are already developing more advanced headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and now it seems Google is about to embark on the same mission.

The upcoming headsets are also much more expensive and thus it is understandable if users will be more cautious when approaching such devices. The best way to determine whether a high tech VR headset would suit you is to first purchase the Google Cardboard and see for yourself whether you enjoy the virtual reality or you prefer the one that surrounds you. This is also the reason why Cardboard is expected to keep its place as the best sold virtual reality device this year too.

The new device from Google is expected to be completely separated from any smartphone. The headset will come with a performant hardware and its own personal software, which makes it closer to the Samsung Gear virtual reality.

While Cardboard is truly entertaining, it cannot work without a virtual reality dedicated application. This will change with the new Gear VR from Samsung, but even their new device will not escape certain limitations, especially since it will be compatible with few smartphones. This is where Google can thrive if it finds the means to do so.

The rumors include information that the new Google VR device will indeed be compatible with more smartphone models. It will work on Android VR and the headset will feature better lenses, better sensors and a solid plastic casing. Even though the rumors do seem true, whether Google is truly working on a new performant VR set remains to be seen until it will release an official announcement.

It is possible that the major corporation will give fans some input during the Google I/O conference that will take place from May 18 to 20. With a bit of luck, the new virtual reality headset will be released by Google even this year, as the pace for technological advancement has tremendously quickened.

Image Source: The Economic Times