North Korea Successfully tested New Rocket Engine

North Korea Successfully tested New Rocket Engine

North Korea has reportedly successfully tested a new rocket engine used for launching satellites. This only adds to the concerns regarding the country’s progress in developing a long-range ballistic missile. It is thought that the engine is similar to that of a powerful rocket booster used by the U.S.

Supposedly, Pyongyang has collaborating on it with Iran, which is a good indicator of North Korea ‘s alliance with Tehran. On Tuesday, dictator Kim Jong Un reportedly conducted the ground test for an engine with 80 tons of thrust. It all happened at the main space research center in northwest of North Korea.

A success

The test was a success, the report said. This only provides a trustworthy technological guarantee that North Korea will most likely launch more satellites into space. The country says that its program is for peaceful reasons, but the United Nations banned these ballistic rocket launches  The reason for it is that this technology can also be used for making missiles.

North Korea has absolutely ignored that restriction. They made even more missiles and weapon tests. In February, the country has launched a satellite using a long-range rocket. It since then tested a lot of short and mid-range ballistic missiles. This year they also detonated not one, but two nuclear devices.


Recently, North Korea has repeatedly threatened the U.S. They will reportedly attack using nuclear-tipped long-range missiles. They haven’t done anything yet but experts say that in two or three years, this threat might become reality.

North Korea also possesses another long-range missile known as the KN-08 which is considered extremely powerful and dangerous. It can reportedly reach the U.S. So far they did not test this one. Some believe that this new engine could be the first stage of the KN-08. Experts will need high-resolution photographs in order to establish its potential danger. The KN-08 even has a more recent and more powerful version, the KN-14.

Jeffrey Lewis, an adjunct professor at the Middlebury Institute says that this engine and that rocket booster on which North Korea has collaborated with Iran are “one and the same”. But Iran has declared that they do not have any military connections with North Korea. The U.S. Treasury even sanctioned some Iranian officials who had reportedly went to Pyongyang to develop a very powerful rocket-booster.  

Tehran follows the same steps

Tehran has been testing ballistic missiles too, despite U.N. Security Council’s warnings. They didn’t even stop when the deal with the world’s powers to stop Iran’s nuclear actions in exchange for an international sanctions lift took effect in January. Their officials have said that everything is legal and that they will only use the missiles for defensive reasons.

This would not be the first time that North Korea and Iran have had military ties. During the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, Pyongyang offered Tehran Scud missiles. For decades, North Korea has been known to sell weapons, especially to some Middle-east countries. The reason? The country’s needed foreign-currency raise.

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