Satellite Images show another Nuclear Test in North Korea

Satellite Images show another Nuclear Test in North Korea

Recently, there has been some activity around a satellite launch site in North Korea. This might indicate that a future nuclear test might be in works. Either a test or some other nuclear related activities.

Another nuclear test?

Specialists are saying that the images caught by the satellite at the respective site on October 1 are showing an increase in the activity around that area. This includes vehicles near the fuel and oxidizer plants or even some crates on the launch pad. But the problem is that the majority of the launch pad is covered. So specialists are not yet sure whether this is indeed preparation for another nuclear test or other activity, unrelated to this.

It would be the sixth one

On September 9, North Korea did its fifth and biggest yet nuclear test. All these worries come after South Korea reported their theory that North Korea is ready to conduct yet another one. Rumor has it that Pyongyang plans to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party with another test. This happens on October 10.

This year, North Korea has been testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles at an extremely quick pace. Under the command of supreme leader Kim Jong Un, they even launched a satellite in February. This action was seen by almost everyone as a long-range ballistic missile test, rather than a satellite launch. The area where this weird activity has been seen is North Korea’s newest rocket station. Several other tests have been conducted here until now.

It started in 2006

North Korea conducted their first nuclear test in 2006. Since then, they have been doing numerous tests and defying the United Nations’ sanctions against nuclear testing.

Bigger problems

But now, people of North Korea have bigger problems to worry about. A recent typhoon which hit the land in September inundated many villages and right now, around 600 000 people need urgent assistance. Authorities are saying that around 138people have lost their lives, 400 are missing and 70 000 have been displaced. The severe flood has destroyed around 20 000 houses, schools and hospitals.

But North Korea’s problem is their inefficiency to raise money for the people’s needs. This has become a very difficult task because of their use of nuclear power which the whole world condemned. Now, almost nobody wants to help them. Ambassador Samantha Power has declared that even if international donors would help raise money, nobody would have the confidence that the money will surely go to the affected people. In a way, they did this to themselves. The humanitarian organizations are saying that this is not true and that all the money will go to those people in need. But South Korea is still not helping the North.

All in all, the government in North Korea has sent over 200 000 people to help with the building of new houses, around 20 000 of them. They are going to act quickly, before the winter strikes in full force. Even so, their government is still not prepared to deal with these kind of situations and still require external aid.

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