Obama ‘s Farewell Speech will be in Chicago

Obama ‘s Farewell Speech will be in Chicago

On Monday, president of the United States, Barack Obama announced that his farewell speech is going to be held on January 10, in Chicago. The venue of his 2012 Election Night celebration will act as the place from which the president will say his final words for the people of America. Upon announcing the date, Obama also said that he just started putting his thoughts on paper.

An American tradition

Since 1796, when George Washington held his farewell speech, these kinds of addresses to the nation have become some kind of an American tradition, deeply rooted into the country’s culture. They also mark a democratic passing of the power from one president to another. In the past, each president mentioned their accomplishments in their farewell speeches. They also talked about their hopes for the future. However, some of them touched on some very delicate issues.

For example, president Eisenhower warned everyone against the rising power of the military, in his 1961 speech. In 1953, president Harry Truman talked about his decision to bomb the cities in Japan while reminding everyone that there was a Cold War ready to start. As for Bill Clinton’s speech in 2001, he mentioned the economic situation in which the U.S was at that moment. George W. Bush chose to praise the election of Barack Obama and acknowledged the fact that not many people agreed with his decisions over the years.

Farewell, Mister President!

Speaking on January 10 in Chicago, his hometown, Obama will most likely touch on a lot of different topics. In his recent announcement, he stated that he wants to thank everyone for their support over eight long years. However, his legacy might be in danger as president-elect Donald Trump approaches the White House. He stated numerous times that he will undo many of Obama ‘s decisions. So, the current president will need to defend his actions. Obama also gave some examples of past presidents and stated that only together, the people of America can make a change.

Barack Obama has been on vacation in Hawaii for the past two weeks. However, his administration has not been absent. Last Thursday, it officially announced a package of sanctions for Russia. Those are intended as a punishment for the country’s interference in the presidential election. Just before that, he also allowed the adoption of a controversial United Nations resolution. The decision condemns Israeli settlements and bans their construction.

According to some reports, Obama also wants to meet with his lawmakers on Wednesday. This might be one final attempt to unify all the Democrats and instruct them to protect his legacy at all costs. Considering how divided the entire nation is right now, Obama will most likely also talk about his successor. Still, in his usual calm and peaceful note, he will most probably talk with hope about the incoming administration, even if relations are tenser than ever, especially after the Republican Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. It will most certainly be fascinating to listen to Barack Obama address the nation one last time before saying goodbye to him for good.

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