Obama reassures U.S. Allies that Trump wants to continue the NATO Alliance

Obama reassures U.S. Allies that Trump wants to continue the NATO Alliance

On Monday, president Barack Obama said that people should stop worrying so much about the election of Donald Trump. According to him, what the U.S. has and the country’s influence will not just disappear overnight. Obama also reassured the allies of the U.S. that Donald Trump want to continue the alliance with NATO in January, when he will officially take office.

Barack Obama speaks

Barack Obama said that the fact that Donald Trump wishes to keep the alliance with NATO going may be one of the most important matters which will play a great role in other people’s understanding of Trump’s ideas. This is important because previously, during his campaign, Donald Trump said that the alliance is not exactly fair. In his opinion, some countries give too little in return of what they get. This statement frightened the Baltic states especially, as they fear about what Russia might do. But now, Obama said that Trump expressed “great interest” in continuing the alliance.

The Democrats should keep going

Barack Obama also talked about the loss of the Democrats but encouraged them to get over it and try to regain strength to keep going. It is normal for them to be sad and disappointed but this should not affect the politics of the country. He deemed the loss as being a “political blow” but said that life goes on and the matters of the country need to be primordial.

This is politics

Barack Obama’s conference lasted for hours, during which he also answered questions from the press. This was the first time he did this, since Trump’s election last week. Obama talked about insurances for the people, abut ObamaCare and what will the Republicans do now. But he did not wish to comment on Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist and economic adviser. This action raised concerns because in the past Bannon has had some controversial ideas in what regards minorities in the U.S.

Obama stated that during his meeting with Donald Trump, the president-elect told him that he wished for unity and that this should be the signal the people should receive. It may seem weird to think that just a few days ago they were attacking each other regarding policy issues. But this is politics after all, this is how things are working.

A three-country visit

After the conference, he arrived in Athens, capital of Greece. Obama will also travel to Germany and after that Peru, in his three-country visit. He is planning to calm the U.S’ allies and to explain to them that Donald Trump will continue the country’s political strategy. His unexpected victory raised concerns all around the world, especially because of his very controversial ideas and statements.

All in all, it is safe to say that things are not as bad as everyone initially thought. Apparently, at least. It may be all a mask put on in order not to frighten the people. But this collaboration might as well be true. But as with any issue, only time will tell what will happen.

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