Oceans Are Experiencing a Lack in Oxygen

"Oceans Are Experiencing a Lack in Oxygen"

As temperatures increase, the oceans are unable able to absorb oxygen.

According to new studies, it appears that oceans are experiencing a lack in oxygen. Researchers say that it is global warming that led to this, as surface water temperatures increased and oceans are no longer able to absorb oxygen. The colder the water, the more oxygen preserved. Unfortunately, it is anticipated that water temperatures will continue to rise.

Although the problem is not that obvious at the moment, by 2040 all of Earth’s oceans will be affected. Currently, changes in the oxygen level are apparent in parts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. These are also the basins that will be affected the worst by global warming in the not so far future.

Research on the effects of climate change are a constant struggle for scientist trying to find solutions. Unfortunately, studies on the oxygen level in ocean waters are fairly recent. We do not have a large history of data.

One thing that researchers tend to agree upon is that there is no natural pattern to rising temperatures in ocean waters. It means that it is all due to global warming. With each degree of water warming, the concentration of oxygen is reduced by 2 percent.

Simulations made on computers show that waters could lose most of its marine life because oceans are experiencing a lack in oxygen. Some fish already struggle because of deoxygenation, as deep-water fish are becoming more and more visible near the surface of the water. These makes them more vulnerable for predators to attack. Higher temperatures are also causing a speeding in the metabolism of fish. Because of this, their need for oxygen also increases. Changes like this could affect many ecosystems and further enhance existing problems.

To better predict the ongoing changes, scientists want to use ocean robots to collect data. Currently, these robots are used to determine the temperature and salinity of the water. But it can be possible to determine the oxygen level as well. Most people, when it comes to the effects of global warming on ocean water, tend to limit themselves to talks about acidification and temperature. Although these are major issues as well, decreasing oxygen level in ocean water is a serious concern and should be closely monitored.