Paris Jackson Shocking Interview Reveals Details As Micheal Jackson’s Daughter

Paris Jackson Shocking Interview Reveals Details As Micheal Jackson’s Daughter

Michael Jackson’s 18-year-old daughter Paris decided to talk about a lot of controversial stuff and reveal some details about her life without her father. It all happened in an interview for Rolling Stones magazine. She is also the cover star of this month’s edition. Among other things, she talks about her battle with depression, drug abuse and suicide attempts.

She sees her father in Justin Bieber

One very interesting comparison Paris made in the interview was that of Justin Bieber and her late father. She remembered she saw Bieber after a tour performance and she was practically terrified of how bad he looked. Paris immediately drew a parallel between the young pop star and her father, who also experienced extreme tiredness but still could not sleep at all. The 18-year old stated that she fears for Justin and that he should be very careful from now on, because things can go downhill in the blink of an eye.

Paris Jackson also revealed that she attempted to take her own life three times. Back in 2013, when she was just 15, newspapers all over the world were writing about her attempted suicide. She cut her wrists and took 20 Motrin pills. Her mother, Debbie Rowe, also confirmed the news and said that Paris was having a rough time that year. According to her, the teenager tried to kill herself two more times, but those were not made public on the covers of magazines.

Depression and drug abuse

As for her depression and drug abuse issues, Paris said that they resulted from feeling worthless and unable to fit in. It all started in the seventh grade, when she entered a private school where she could not find friends. As a consequence, she did a lot of bad things and tried a lot of dangerous ones too, so that she could forget everything. Interestingly enough, Paris said that some of her tattoos (she has over 50 of them), are actually cover-ups of old scars that never healed properly. Nine of those tattoos are an homage for her superstar father, Michael Jackson.

Regarding the conspiracy theories claiming that Michael Jackson is not her biological father, she said that she knows and feels like he is. And that is enough for her. Paris also said that there is a number of people who really see him in her and that inside, she feels black. She remembered when her father used to encourage her to be proud of her black roots.

Another rather shocking theory Paris revealed was that she thinks that her father was “absolutely” murdered. According to her, he did not die of an overdose of anesthetic propofol. Many people were reportedly out to get him, as he would say to his children. Michael knew that he was going to die sooner or later. At one point, it really happened. However, Paris says that she cannot do anything about it, at least for now. She is waiting patiently for the right time when the truth will come out. And the truth is different from what everybody thinks.

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