Emails Matter! Democrats Upset At Pence For Using His Own Email

Emails Matter! Democrats Upset At Pence For Using His Own Email

You will never guess what the left cares about now according to a report from the Indianapolis Star, Vice President Mike Pence used a private AOL email account when he was still governor of Indiana. He reportedly used it for public business and to communicate with his top advisers. The discussions included topics like the security of Pence’s residence. Also, the country’s reaction to the terrorist attacks that were happening all over the world. However, it is not illegal to use a private email account in Indiana as long as the records are retained. It is ironic that Democrats would bring this up after claiming that Hillary Clintons email scandal was no big deal.

The private email phenomenon

The fact the Vice President Mike Pence used a private email account to take care of business matters is in no way similar Hillary Clinton’s case. She also used a private email address and even a private server to conduct business. This happened when she was still Secretary of State and her actions were illegal. This issue came up numerous times during the presidential campaign. Some say that it even affected her chances at winning the election. Her case was subject, of investigation and harsh criticism, especially from the Republicans. However, back in September 2016, during an interview, Pence stated that Hillary Clinton did what she did in order to keep her emails secure and “out of the public reach”.

Still, one of Pence’s spokesmen said that it would be “absurd” to compare what Clinton did with Pence’s case. According to him, Pence’s emails did not contain classified information, like it was the case with Hillary Clinton. Also, the biggest difference is that the vice president used a commercial email provider. The former secretary of state used both a private email address and a private server. According to the spokesman, she had one inside her house.

The account was compromised

After some public requests, the current governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, released about 30 pages of emails from Pence’s account. However, those were not all of them because the others reportedly contained information too “sensitive” to be made public. According to security experts, such accounts are less secure than government provided ones. They could put at risk the information which the vice president send through his email account. Interestingly enough, this account belonging to Pence became inactive last summer. Someone reportedly sent out an email from his account saying that both Pence and his wife were stranded in the Philippines. Also, that they and were in urgent need of money. This was, however, a big attack which affected many users. Still, Pence needed to give up on that account. He also apologized to everyone who had received the fake message which probably a hacker sent.

The fact that this is a story is a total act desperation from the Democrats and honestly making them silly. I really hope they make this a big issue the hypocrisy is unreal!


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