Pioneering Devices From Phillips For A Healthy Life

phillips headquarters

These pioneering devices from Phillips ensure a healthier life.

On Monday, Phillips revealed an all new health platform and a catalog of products for consumers to take personal health matters into their own hands. These pioneering devices from Phillips ensure a healthier life.

The health company is targeting consumers at risk for chronic diseases like elevated blood pressure or cholesterol.

Phillips had previously introduced four health products last September. Those first elements were the Phillips Health Watch, a scale which connects to an ear thermometer and a blood pressure monitor for the upper arm. The products are FDA approved for medical use.

The fitness tracker can be used for all day activity and heart rate tracking. It costs 250 dollars. The scale can be bought for 100 dollars. The ear thermometer is 60 dollars, and the pressure monitor can be yours for one hundred dollars.

These gadgets are linked to an app that has the ability to track nutrition and weight in time. They also give motivation and let you share personal insight. The devices are conceived to follow the World Health Organization guidelines for body mass index and blood pressure levels.

The HealthSuite by Phillips is available for Android and iOS.  But you are required to buy at least one product to be able to test it.

Eline de Graaf, director of Phillips Personal Health Solutions, wants to target clients who have an increased risk of suffering form chronic disease. Scientists believe that these products don’t bring anything new, apart from the FDA approval they have.

Phillips also makes medical devices for hospitals, like CT scans and defibrillators.

Phillips is a multinational company based in the Netherlands, with headquarters in Amsterdam. It’s got primary divisions in health, lighting, and electronics. It was founded over one hundred years ago, in 1891, by Gerard and Frederik Phillips.

Nowadays, it is one of the largest companies of its kind worldwide, and it has over 105,000 people from sixty countries as employees.

In the 1920s, the company diversified its product range with radios, electric razors, and vacuum cleaners.

Throughout the years, Phillips had a troubled history. Its headquarters were bombed in the Second World War, which led to civilians and employees losing their lives.

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