Playground by Andy Rubin Is Set to Give Power to the People

The new startup incubator Playground by Andy Rubin is set to give power to the people.

The new company named Playground by Andy Rubin is set to give power to the people. After leaving the major company Google back in 2014, Rubin who is a co-founder of Android has been mysteriously working on Playground Global.

Until recently, we only had one bit of information on the matter from Code Mobile that took place in August 2015: that the new company is meant to amplify the ideas of developers. However, Rubin has finally decided to share his work with the world in a blog post.

It seems that Playground combines several aspects including a software and hardware company, a venture fund and a startup incubator. The company already has multiple partners and about $300 million for investments. Rubin may seem quite ambitious, but he also pointed towards the fact that back in 2001 he needed $240 million to create a smartphone with his first firm named Danger. However, today he would only need $3 million for the same project. As Rubin has stated, money seems to be the reason why innovative processes are migrating from software to hardware.

The phenomenon is easily noticeable in artificial intelligence. The biggest tech companies in the world like Microsoft, Google and Facebook are working hard on improving their existent services and creating new products of a vast range, from virtual reality headsets to self-driving cars. This might prove quite problematic for a new company, especially with such a tough competition.

Fortunately, what Playground has in mind is to offer pre-made AI tools to other companies. By using such tools, startups will no longer face the same difficulties. This has previously happened with Android when it enabled manufactures to create new smartphones without having to worry about the software. However, Rubin’s company will also offer its own personal hardware, including both components and sensors that developers can simply add to their products. Those are created by the Studio division of Playground.

The headquarters of the company can reportedly sustain thirty startups since it is already equipped with everything a new firm might need: optic labs, laser cutters, spectrum analyzers, network test equipment, CNC machines, multimaterial and thermoplastic printers, RF test chambers and metal sintering 3D printers. Furthermore, Rubin plans for Playground to also create its own products.

The innovative Playground by Andy Rubin is set to give power to the people, and will surely attain its purpose. The company is not only a greatly equipped startup incubator, but an infrastructure creator set to connect the gadgets of the world.

Image Source: BGR