Poland no longer supporting Abortion Ban

Poland no longer supporting Abortion Ban

Poland ’s lawmakers voted against the proposal for a total ban on abortion. This proposal aimed to make Europe’s abortion law even more restrictive than it already is. But, the proposal must still be voted by the assembly of the lower house of Parliament. This will happen on Thursday. Lawmakers will then vote if they accept it or not. If the answer is negative, the proposal will go back to the commission to be further analyzed.

Protests all over Poland

The voting on Wednesday came after this proposal sparked a series of violent protests all over the country. Numerous women were wearing black, boycotted work and school and protested in the streets. After this, the European Parliament held a debate which revolved around women’s rights in Poland. While some members said that unborn lives should be saved not taken away, many others supported the women on the streets.

Dutch lawmaker Sophia in’t Veld agreed that for the time being, the law is not applicable. But, this should not be a reason for people to celebrate. The current law still does not give polish women a choice. Now, two days after the protests, leaders from Poland declared that they are not going to back up this total abortion plan.

Lawmakers are against it

Members of the Law and Justice party together with other party members voted against the plan. Many of them do not think that it is the right thing to do. Also, imposing women who had an abortion criminal sentences it is not right. Included in the proposal are prison sentences of up to five years for the women who make this choice along with the doctor who helped them.

The party’s leader said that the ruling party in Poland does not agree with this plan. Reportedly, the party is now working on a draft which will extend a bit the limits of the law. For example, if an unborn child suffers from Down Syndrome, the abortion is allowed.

The humility factor

Poland’s the minister of science and higher education stated that all these protests in which women have participated have made them think. Also, they considered the humility factor in taking the decision that there is not going to be a total abortion ban.

Mariusz Dzierzawski, the man who initiated the proposal, thinks that there might still be a chance if the plan goes back to the commission. They might rethink it. Still, he did not seem very reassuring, saying that this is nothing else but a betrayal from the lawmakers. In his opinion, they have betrayed the voters. He also said that all those kids whose lives were taken away have lost because of their decision.

All in all, it is known that Poland puts outside the law abortions, with some exceptions. It there is rape or incest involved, if the child has malformations or if the mother’s life is in danger. But doctors are still refusing some women because of morality reasons. So, the only way to get an abortion in Poland is to make it in Germany.

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