Pope prays that Journalists be Truthful

Pope prays that Journalists be Truthful

Recently, Pope Francis has decided to dedicate the month of October to praying for a certain type of people: the journalists. More precisely, that they should be truthful and only motivated by ethics. His prayer video shows some scenes which include television studios, recording studios and writing desks. The Pope choose to address people in his native language, Spanish.

Pope ’s prayer

In his speech, the Pope says that all journalists should work to bring humanity and common good to the entire planet. He asked the people to pray together for those people which work in the media field, especially the journalists. Also, he mentioned that those people should only be motivated by truth, respect and a strong sense of ethics. At the end of the prayer video, Pope Francis asks the audience if they can help him with his request, that is to pray for the journalists and for their work to be truthful and ethic.

The journalists’ opinion

One of the journalists who appear in the Pope’s prayer video explained his point of view for CNA. He mentioned that respect plays a major role in today’s journalism industry. Pope Francis provided the example of the economic crisis which everyone talks about, but which both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have actually called a “value crisis”. He said that morality has been many times left behind, even ignored. Important environments and questions do not include this sense of morality. Because of this, a true journalist must bring these qualities back and respect them.


Talking about communication, he compared it with the Church by saying that both are universal. Even Jesus used words and communicated to everyone the word of God. This is what is all about. Also, communication can be seen as a tool, but it can be a useful one. The same way it can be damaging. Furthermore, when he was asked if journalists can somehow help the Pope with is request, he said that by applying ethics and truth in their field of work, journalists will help the Pope.

For 2017’s World Day of Communications, Pope Francis choose a specific theme. With it, a statement was released which read that the Pope wanted to tell people about the entire history of man. Even the history of the entire world, all in accordance with the concept of news. And especially good news.

Dignity and respect

During an audience with some journalists on Sept. 22, Pope Francis told them that respecting the dignity of a human being is very important. He underlined that a journalist’s profession is to bring news to the world and it should not be used as a weapon of destruction. Nor to frighten people. The Pope specified that criticism is allowed in a certain quantity (think about the denunciation of evil), but it should not prevail over truth and facts.

Furthermore, Pope Francis has other themes he wished to discuss with the world, like creation, families in need, the elderly and the respect for women. Those will be topics of debate over the rest of the year.

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