Why You Should Prefer Paper Towels Over Hand Dryers

Scientists have found that hand dryers are viral bombs.

Scientists have found that hand dryers are viral bombs.

A recent study has found that when you are in public places, it is better to use paper towel when drying your hands instead of hand dryers. It appears these mechanisms, especially the Dyson Airblade, are true fuels for spreading germs.

Researchers from the Westminster University conducted this study. After trying out several ways of drying hands, they concluded that paper towels are the most hygienic way of doing so. The results released in the journal Applied Microbiology show the viral danger of hand dryers. None of us knew that after using such machines, we actually leave the public bathrooms with dirtier hands than before.

The team of researchers tested the drying abilities in relation to germs of several types of hand dryers. Dyson Airblade is, by far, the worst, in spite of being the fastest and most efficient system on the market. At the other end is the banal paper towel, which is not even available in all public bathrooms.

In order to conduct their research, the scientists had to use gloves in order to protect their hands from the bacteriophages used in the experiment. After washing their hands, they dried them in three different ways: the Dyson Airblade, the common hand dryer, and the paper towel. The results showed that the Dyson Airblade spreads sixty times more viruses and bacteria than a regular dryer and 1,300 more germs than the paper towel.

In more details, Dyson has the ability to spread viruses at the largest distances than all hand drying methods: three meters across the bathroom. In comparison, the normal hand dryer can throw germs at about 75 centimeters while the paper towel only affects a distance of 25 centimeters.

Being the leader in the industry, Dyson has been quick to make statements that the studies were modified by the paper towel industry which wants to regain its leading spot. However, while they battle over who is the best dryer in the world, we can only try to minimize the risk of contacting bacteria by drying our hands with paper towels when we are out and about, in restaurants, malls, cinemas or just en route during a trip.

Image Source: Flickr