Price: $1-Trillion Cut to Medicaid Would Give States “Greater Flexibility”

Price: $1-Trillion Cut to Medicaid Would Give States “Greater Flexibility”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Sunday that a $1 trillion dollar cut to the Medicaid program is not such a bad thing as it would allow states to craft the programs that best suit their needs.

Senate Expected to Come Up with a Fresh New Version

Medicaid budget was trimmed by the healthcare bill House Republicans passed Thursday. Both parties expect the bill to face a major makeover in the Senate. Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney confirmed that the version that will land on Trump’s desk will be very different from the House version.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins whose swing vote could make the difference between an Obamacare repeal or not expressed concerns that older and sicker people will have to pay through their nose for healthcare after her colleagues are done with replacing Obamacare.

Collins thinks it is hard to tell what the consequences would bill because the House bill was rushed through the lower body of the U.S. Congress without a final score from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). According to the office’s latest assessment, as many as 24 million Americans could lose their health insurance over the next decade under the GOP’s healthcare overhaul.

Collins voiced hope the U.S. Senate would have a “fresh new approach” to repealing and replacing Obama’s signature healthcare law. She unveiled that her colleagues in the Senate have “started from scratch”

We’re going to draft our bill, and I’m convinced we will take the time to do it right,

Sen. Collins said.

CBO projected a $880 billion cut to the health care program that benefits the poor and the disabled aka Medicaid. The funding cut would give states more flexibility as they get to experiment with the program.

Obamacare expanded the program to 31 states giving extra funding to help cover more people. The House bill kills the expansion and slashes the federal funding. However, Price insisted there would be no cuts to the program. Instead, the federal money would be “apportioned” so that states are given “greater flexibility”.

Price promised Medicaid recipients will get the care they need.

House Version Cuts Deep into Obamacare’s Entitlement Programs

The House version of the GOP healthcare bill narrowly passed on a 217-213 vote. It removed the federal mandate on people to buy insurance while it cuts taxes on the health industry companies and richer people.

It will also remove federal protections of patients with pre-existing conditions, who will be forced to pay higher premiums or leave the market. The bill will also remove or dramatically slash federal funding that makes health insurance affordable.

The American Medical Association and other similar groups oppose the current version of the bill. The Democratic Party also refuses to vote for the law in Senate. Senate Republicans oppose the cuts to Medicaid.

On the campaign trail, the president vowed not to touch Medicaid funding, but Thursday he celebrated the passage of the bill which severely impacts the entitlement program.

On Sunday, the president encouraged Senate Republicans not to fail America.

Republican Senators will not let the American people down,

he tweeted, adding that Obamacare is “dead”.
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