Prince Charles Co-Authors Climate Change Book

Prince Charles Co-Authors Climate Change Book

Prince Charles of Great Britain is reportedly the co-author of a children’s book which explains climate change. This book is part of a larger series written by adults for children. It explains various situations existent in the world, but in simpler words. Ladybird produced the 52-page book.

A serious children’s book

The book, entitled “Climate Change” will go on sale on January 26. Apart from Prince Charles’ contribution, the other two co-authors of the book are former Friends of the Earth director Tony Juniper and climate scientist Emily Shuckburgh. They are hoping that this guide will stand as a testament. One to talk of what is going on in the world right now. Also, that it would have a place in history as a book which Prince Charles wanted to work on.

Back in the 1960s and the 1970s, Ladybird was the producer of a series of children’s books. After some years when it was not enjoying success anymore, it seemed to have found it with another series of humorous books. This time it was for adults. For example, two of the books in the series bear the titles “Book of the Mid-life crisis” and “Book of the Hangover”. Ladybird’s latest project involves books written on serious matters, but explained in much simpler words, so that children can understand them. Apart from “Climate Change”, the other two books are called “Quantum Mechanics” and “Evolution”.

Prince Charles, the co-author

However, Prince Charles is not at his first attempt to co-author a book. He also helped with another book called “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World”. Moreover, he wrote a book for children called “The Old Man of Lochnagar”. According to Tony Juniper, His Royal Highness worked very hard, together with the other two authors, in order to make sure that everything was explained right. Also, the pictures needed to be perfect and to really give life to the words on the pages.

According to a publishing director, Clarence House gave Ladybird the idea of this series of books. Still, is there a slight chance that this series of books will not be taken seriously? The answer is yes. At least this is what Dr. Phillip Williamson from the University of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Sciences thinks. According to him, it is very possible that people are not going to really consider this as a serious book. However, if what is inside really makes sense, it is accurate and if the style is in accordance to what is should be, this book might just help spread the message to everyone.

The future is what matters

We really need to start with the children, because they can really change something in the future. And the fact that Prince Charles co-authors it should be enough for parents to buy it for their children. All in all, it is interesting that such an important personality wanted to be part of such a project. He wants to help spread the message that climate change is indeed real. Prince Charles supports the theory according to which the climate of the world is changing. He thinks that we should really be doing something to stop it, until it is not too late. Even if it may already be.

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