Prince Charles says that we should not repeat “the Horrors of the Past”

Prince Charles says that we should not repeat “the Horrors of the Past”

On Thursday, Prince Charles of Wales spoke to BBC during a broadcasted interview. He warned about the rise of anti-immigrant movements as well as populism and the dangerous ways of religious persecution. Also, the prince specifically said that the humanity should be very careful not to repeat “the horrors of the past”.

Different from Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s eldest child and the heir to the throne of England. On Thursday, he took part in BBC Radio 4’s show called “Thought for the Day”. During the interview, the 68-year-old spoke about how reminiscent of the Nazi regime were those populist groups which are persecuting groups of people who have a different faith.

Whichever religious path we follow, the destination is the same: to value and respect the other person.

In what regards the resemblance between the Queen and her son, one can say that they are indeed very different. For example, in the last 64 years, which is also her time as a monarch, she has not given any interviews to the media. In conclusion, nobody really knows what her ideas and views are, particularly on the current situation going on in the world. In contrast, Prince Charles is known to be very outspoken. Also, people know much about his personal life and about his passion for architecture and crops. This is why many people cannot help but wonder what kind of king he will be, if he will end up on the throne. Rumor has it that he might gave up the crown in favor of his eldest son, Prince William.

Against persecution

In the interview, Prince Charles talked about different religions and how each one of them should be respected. However, he was very careful not to name any specific groups or parties in his speech. He also explained how for some people, to practice a certain religion means to actually choose between life and death. This should not be the case in the year 2016. The Prince of Wales also talked about the growing intolerance for refugees in many countries. Also, he remembered the dark days of the Second World War and said that we are very close to a similar situation which must be avoided at all costs.

He gave some details about the health of his parents too. According to some official reports, both Queen Elizabeth II (90-years old) and her husband, Prince Philip (95-years old), are suffering at the moment from “heavy colds”. They even needed to delay their traditional journey to Sandringham. The royal family usually spends Christmas there, in the royal estate. They managed to arrive in Sandringham by plane, a day later, on Thursday. This led many people to believe that they are indeed not feeling well. Moreover, the Queen recently announced that she gave up the role of patron for 25 organizations. Even if she is known to be in good health, this is to be expected from a person her age. Still, she is doing a lot of her work on her own as it is.

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