Protests erupt in Charlotte after Police Officer kills a Man

Protests erupt in Charlotte after Police Officer kills a Man

Many protests started to happen in Charlotte, North Carolina after a police officer killed a man who did not do anything wrong. Apparently the police confused him. It all happened while the officer was serving a warrant for another person at an apartment in Charlotte.

A lot of people gathered around the apartment complex on Tuesday protesting against the officer’s action. They were shouting “no justice, no peace!” and holding signs that said “black lives matter!” Some other officers who were trying to calm the masses were hit by water bottles and even rocks.

Interstate 85 blocked

The protests kept going strong on Wednesday too, when the angry mob blocked highway Interstate 85 and lit a fire. Vehicles formed huge lines as the forces were trying hard to stop the protesters with the police cars with flashing lights on.

According to mayor Jennifer Roberts, the man who the officer killed on Tuesday was identified. His name is Keith Lamont Scott. The officer who did it, Brentley Vinson, has been placed on paid administrative leave.

This incident is not singular and it has attracted the attention of the people supporting the “Black lives matter” movement. Therefore, they demand justice be served and that those killings ceased. The brutality of the police they say, has gotten extreme lately. Something similar happened in Oklahoma, when an officer killed Terence Crutcher and protesters gathered for the same reason.

Black Lives Matter

Many protesters gave the example of Ahmad Rahami, the suspect in the New York and New Jersey explosions. They are saying that the police took him alive, even though they consider him to be a terrorist. People revolt as they think that a black life doesn’t matter for them. Corine Mack, who was with the protesters on Tuesday says that this affects the entire community. It frustrates them and makes them think that they are nothing for the society. Even if this might not be the case, it seems like the lives of black people do not matter at all. She asked to think and pray for the soul of the father and for the children who will are not going to see him again.

In addition, the mayor promised a full investigation and reached out to the community to ask for calm.

How it happened

Reportedly, the police shot this man due to the fact that they saw him get out of a car while carrying a gun. Furthermore, they admitted that he was not the one they were looking for while serving the warrant. The cause of this warrant is still unclear and details are still unknown. The shooting which happened on Tuesday gathered a huge number of protesters which grew larger with each passing hour. The man later died at Carolinas Medical Center.

Consequently, some officers were also injured during the violent protests. Their number is reportedly 12, one being hit with a rock in the face. The police did not say anything about the gravity of these injuries. The officer who shot the man has worked in the police department for 2 years.

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