Putin declines any Involvement in the American Presidential Election

Putin declines any Involvement in the American Presidential Election

On Thursday, Russian president Vladimir Putin talked about the U.S.’ accusations about Russia’s involvement into the presidential election. He dismissed everything and said that the U.S. created all this situation in order to distract people’s attention from the important issues of the election.

Putin ’s opinion

The United States has accused Russia multiple times of cooperating in the reveal of Hillary Clinton’s private emails. According to the U.S., they did this to influence the outcome of the election in November. During his conference in Sochi, Putin deemed the whole situation “mythical and fictitious”. According to him, America has real problems, including government debt and police violence. So they created this strategy to keep people from seeing what is right in front of them. They made Russia the national enemy.

When asked to share his opinion on the American election, Putin said that it has been reduced to scandals, insults and sexual accusations. The election is no longer there to change something for the better.

Talking about the accusation that Russia favors Trump, Vladimir Putin said again that it is all “nonsense”. The fact that many people call Trump “Putin’s puppet” is a way of manipulating the public opinion. Nobody can know how either Trump or Clinton will be as president, and in his opinion, Russia does not care very much.

About Donald Trump, Putin said that he may come across as extravagant, but he is speaking for the masses, for the ordinary people who want something different. But the Russia leader also said that only time will tell if he took the right approach. He declared that Moscow will work with any president who will be chosen in November’s election.

The U.S. insists on the matter

But on Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said once again that Washington has do doubts about Russia’s implication in the hacking. According to him, Russian officials have said many times that the U.S. must bring solid proof that this has indeed happened. Otherwise, nobody will believe them.

The U.S. has also accused Russia of attempting military attacks in Europe. Vladimir Putin has responded that this is one more nonsense from their part, and that Russia has no intention of attacking anyone. More, he said that the Americans feel the need to pose as civilization defenders in front of some barbaric people. But this is not the case.

About the conflict in Syria, the Russian leader said that after so many compromises and negotiations, one would think that a common front against terrorism has been formed. It has not. His declaration comes after the U.S. said that they would stop any collaboration with Russia after, according to them, the European state has helped Syria in the aerial bombardment of Aleppo. Putin said that the only ones to blame for the breakdown of the ceasefire in Syria are the Americans. They did it themselves and now they are searching for scape goats. It will not work.

All in all, it is clear as daylight that Russia’s connections with the West have withered over the last months. And soon, the U.S. will have a new president. We will have to wait and see what changes he or she will bring.

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