Putin personally involved in U.S. Elections Hack

Putin personally involved in U.S. Elections Hack

The belief of many U.S. intelligence officials is that Russian president Vladimir Putin is directly involved in the problems which were meant to intervene in the presidential election. This includes the hacks of many Democratic officials.

Putin personally involved?

According to two U.S. intelligence officials, the Russian president personally controlled how the data stolen from the Democrats was leaked. Moreover, for what purpose was it was used. They reached this conclusion last week, when they also decided that Russia did everything it could in order for Donald Trump to become president of the United States.

How did they do it?

The same officials said that various people working for the Russia government gave WikiLeaks the hacked data. It belonged to many Democrats, including Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton and her aide, John Podesta. Still, what could have been his motive? Some people are saying that he did this because of his animosity with Clinton and the fact that he never liked her. However, it all became much bigger as Putin was reportedly trying to warn Americans about the corruption in their country. He also wanted to prove to the world that America is no longer the great leader once was.

A former ambassador to Russia said that this sounds like something Vladimir Putin would do. He most certainly had something to do with everything. Still, the intelligence officials have not given any more details about their conclusion.

This reveal is interesting because it comes just a few days after The Washington Post said almost the exact same thing. They also thought that Russia did everything it could in order to secure Donald Trump‘s victory in the U.S. presidential election.  

Putin does not like Clinton

Everybody knows that Vladimir Putin strongly dislikes Hillary Clinton. After the elections in Russia in 2011, Clinton supposedly encouraged people to protest. This might be one of the most important reasons why Putin does not like her. In comparison, the Russian president has always praised Donald Trump for being “bright and talented”. Trump himself is a big fan of the Russian leader. He even considers him to be the best ruler in the world.

Trump talks

On Sunday, the president-elect said that everything that has been going around is “ridiculous”. He also said that this is one of the many excuses people invent to undermine his authority and the fact that people voted for him. However, some Republicans even said that they wanted to conduct an investigation regarding this situation. A lot of Democrats have asked the Republicans to go public and condemn the leaks of information, right at that time, when they were fresh.

All in all, Vladimir Putin seems to be very popular among Republicans. It is normal, considering the recent news. Nobody knows for sure if this really happened and if Putin personally intervened in order to get Donald Trump to become president of the United States. While it is very possible, some are saying that it is unlikely. We will see what the future brings and if this situation will prove to be real after all.

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