The Reason Why Lumia 650 Doesn’t Support Continuum

The reason why Lumia 650 doesn’t support Continuum is that the phone is set for a cheaper market.

The new smartphone from Microsoft, Lumia 650, will not feature Continuum.

The latest announcement made by Microsoft includes the reason why Lumia 650 doesn’t support Continuum. The new affordable smartphone for business users was introduced yesterday and is equipped with many useful features except for one.

The new Lumia 650 has a lot to offer to its users at a very low price and is targeted for those who work in the business area. Unfortunately, it misses one new vital feature from Windows: Continuum. Continuum is set to help users better their experience and productivity by giving them the possibility of connecting their smartphones to bigger external monitors. Since they often find themselves in need of a big screen to finish their tasks, this can prove extremely useful at work.

Furthermore, Continuum allows users to also use peripheral devices like a keyboard and a mouse through Display Dock. As a result, the smartphone has all the capabilities of a real computer. Just imagine trying to type a Word document on the small touch-screen of your smartphone. So why not include this feature on a business-oriented device?

A Microsoft spokesperson has stated that the goal of the company was to build a beautiful affordable device for business, so they could easily buy and deploy it. This price range does not include Continuum, but does have other smart business tools like Cortana, OneDrive integration and Office. In this way, users can stay connected between all their Windows 10 devices. Those in need of Continuum were advised to take a look at the Lumia 950 or the Lumia 950 XL.

The new smartphone from Microsoft will be released on AT & T subsidiary Cricket Wireless and is set to cost only $199. Cricket is well-known for its wide range of contract-less plans and cell phones, especially designed for those who do not wish to commit to longer contracts.

Lumia 650 will sport good specifications beneath its sleek metallic design. The release date for the United States has not been determined yet, but many speculate it will be sometime in April. In other places preorders are already available and markets are targeting the release on February 18.

In the end, the reason why Lumia 650 doesn’t support Continuum is a decent one. Users who wish to have the latest technology will have to pay a bit more, because the new Microsoft smartphone is designed for another purpose.

Image Source: Windows 10 Update