Registrations for Nintendo’s Miitomo Are Now Open

The registrations for Nintendo’s Miitomo are now open for all who are interested.

Registrations for Nintendo’s Miitomo are now open, as the mobile game is set to be released in March. Miitomo is the first app designed for smartphones from Nintendo, and its purpose is to bring back the trend of avatars while becoming a popular social platform.

The app was designed in partnership with DeNA, the Japanese mobile company. Miitomo will let users communicate with their friends through characters designed to look like them. So what are the features of Nintendo’s first mobile app?

Users will be able to create themselves, just like in any game. However, the app is set to be as simple as possible and thus they will only need to take a selfie and Miitomo will transfer their faces into avatar form. Alternatively, they will have the option of importing Mii avatars from 3DS or Wii U. The appearance of the avatar can be customized with clothes and accessories.

Next, the avatars will be sent to meet and talk with friends. The conversations also support various emojis and pictures. What makes Miitomo different is that the avatars can be given voices and thus speak. This feature is not available on consoles. According to Nintendo, the Mii avatars will be able to say anything the users or the users’ friends would talk about themselves.

Another feature of Miitomo will be the Miifoto, which will give users the opportunity of adding their avatars to photos they have taken and share them online. The app will be compatible with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Line and Instagram.

The Nintendo App will be “free to start”, as the company has honestly stated. The chat and the basic dress-up for avatars shall be free to use, but as usual better items and features will be available in exchange for in-game currency. Miitomo coins will be gained in-game, but they can also be bought through microtransactions via iTunes or Google Play stores.

Those of you who will preregister for Miitomo will be the first ones to know the official date for the release, but will also have the opportunity of signing up for a Nintendo account. By doing so, you will receive Platinum Points that can be spent in the My Nintendo rewards program. However, you will have to be quick to spend them since they are only available for six months.

Registrations for Nintendo’s Miitomo are now open and the new app is expected to be quite successful among other social media platforms. You can pre-register here.

Image Source: allgamesbeta