According to the U.S., Russia is providing E-mails to WikiLeaks

According to the U.S., Russia is providing E-mails to WikiLeaks

According to some U.S. officials, there is strong evidence that Russia is actually providing emails to WikiLeaks. The hacked emails have to do with the current U.S. presidential election.

Strong evidence

WikiLeaks has been publishing some emails belonging to the Hillary Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta. Because of this, some U.S. officials have reported that they have strong evidence that this actually has to do with Russia. Their suspicion is that WikiLeaks is acting as a “carrier pigeon” for Moscow, in their attempts to unbalance the presidential race. The officials are also saying that Russia might be the main responsible for those pieces of information as their provider. There is an investigation going on, but they are confident that they have finally revealed the involvement of the Russian government in all of this.

In an attempt to get some answers from the WikiLeaks team, journalists have met with a cold silence, as nobody cared to offer an explanation. Previously, WikiLeaks’s founder, Julian Assange, has strongly denied any connection with Moscow in any aspect.

Russian officials are denying everything

Many Russian officials, including president Vladimir Putin, have called all those talks a “nonsense” and said that the U.S. would do better to stop throwing accusations left and right. According to them, Russia does not have anything to do with those cyber-attacks and hacked emails WikiLeaks is providing. Putin choose a very interesting word to describe the situation: “hysteria”.

Other Moscow officials have asked the U.S. intelligence agencies to prove what they have said. But John Podesta, who’s emails are continuously being published by WikiLeaks has been adamant that the fault belongs to Russia. He declared that the Russian government is trying very hard to help Donald Trump in his campaign. He fears that all these actions will frighten Americans and will actually make them vote for Trump. His opinion is that Russia should not have anything to say in regard with the presidential campaign. Let people choose what they want to choose.

The Russian factor

It is interesting to say the least how Russia has mixed in the American presidential campaign. One of the reason for this might be that the race has become extremely unpredictable. So Russia has decided to do something in order to make sure that the American people will elect the right president. The right president for them, of course. Donald Trump’s infatuation with Vladimir Putin is widely known and some people have agreed that he is trying to emulate the Russian president.

And Trump himself has defended Russia by saying that not everything bad that happens is because of the Russian government. This is partially true, but in this case he might be wrong. Trump also put the blame on the people working to secure this kind of sensitive information. He also responded to people who accused him of being a Putin fan girl by saying that he does not know him at all. And that any connection between them two is purely fictional.

To conclude, it is still unclear what Trump has to do with Putin and it may remain so for years. But the accusations of the U.S. officials have to come from something. They may not be entirely true, but there is a spark there which may just start a little fire. Or a bigger one.

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