Relations between Russia and Turkey not Tense after Ambassador’s Murder

Relations between Russia and Turkey not Tense after Ambassador’s Murder

It seems like the recent assassination on live TV of the Russian ambassador in the capital of Turkey, Ankara has not shaken the relations between the two countries. On the contrary, if something, both Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkish one Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have declared that the incident made the nations closer. The murder of Andrey Karlov took place inside an art gallery where the ambassador was holding a speech.

An assassination

The unfortunate event took place just before a very important summit on Syria between Turkey, Russia and Iran. However, according to analysts, this is not going to deteriorate the relations between the countries. Both president immediately came forward and gave official statements and both agreed that the incident was nothing else but “provocation”.

A young Turkish police officer who was off-duty killed the Russian envoy to Ankara. He shot the ambassador at least eight times and injured other people who were standing near. Karlov was taken to the nearest hospital but unfortunately he did not survive because of the severe wounds. The Russian Foreign Ministry quickly came forward and said that they are considering the act to be a terrorist one. On Tuesday, Turkish president Erdoğan also said that the assassination represents an act of treason from those who have decided to commit it. He also offered his condolences to the entire Russian nation and to the family of the ambassador.

Only a provocation

The president of Turkey said on Monday via some Turkish TV channels that the two nations are not going to take into consideration what he deemed to be a failed try to destabilize their relations. It is unfortunate that a man had to die because of some stupid ambition. Moreover, both leaders have instead declared that this act will only bring the two nations together in their efforts to fight a common enemy.

Hundreds of years of conflict

May people feared the destabilization of the collaboration between Turkey and Russia, especially after the two countries have fought wars in the past. For four centuries the relationship between them was sour. One hundred years ago they ended their last open confrontation. However, the tense situation continued as they took opposite sides in the Syrian war. Turkey has helped the rebels which were opposing the Assad regime while Russia encouraged it. Last year, Turkey crashed a bomber plane belonging to Russia which was flying over the Syrian border.

Now, both countries have strong reasons to not fight each other but rather unit and fight a mutual enemy. In Syria, they both look to accomplish their own aim. Turkey wants to strengthen the Turkish influence in the north of the country. All while fighting off the IS and the Kurdish forces. As for Russia, they want to push Aleppo back under the Assad regime while securing the president’s position of force.

All in all, even if many feared even a war following the assassination of the Russian ambassador, it seems like they two nations have other plans.

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