Actors Threaten Boycott Slam Trump

Actors Threaten Boycott Slam Trump

On Sunday night, the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) became very political. It was a consequence of Donald Trump’s travel ban on certain Muslim countries. Even if until recently, those award shows were not dealing with political issues or were at least trying to avoid them, this year’s SAG Awards saw things differently. Almost each presenter and recipient had something to say in regards to this recent issue. Each one of them was against Trump’s decisions, but the most discussed one was the “Muslim ban”.

SAG Awards dealt with political themes

The comments made about Donald Trump’s administration policies went from being funny mockeries to being serious statements. Many were meant to warn everyone about what is to come. Many of the people present at the awards talked about how these decisions have nothing to do with the traditional American values. Others called for unity and mutual support and respect. It is interesting that just one night before, the Producers Guild of America honors (which could not be seen on television) dealt with the exact same themes. So, one can say that talking politics is slowly becoming some kind of universal award show habit.

Presenter of the SAG Awards, actor Ashton Kutcher, began the evening by greeting the people “in airports that belong in my America”. He also posted a Twitter message in which he said that his wife, actress Mila Kunis, also came as a refugee from Ukraine. After that, almost every presenter or winner continued the theme, offering a few words about the current situation. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, from “Veep” was one of the people who became emotional during her speech. While accepting the award for best actress in a comedy series, she said that she is the daughter of an immigrant and that she knows the entire struggle.

Awards and emotional speeches

The multiracial cast of “Orange is the New Black” talked about the show’s very diverse ensemble. It also won the award for best comedy ensemble. Mahershala Ali, who won the award for outstanding performance in a dramatic role for “Moonlight” also talked about how he converted to Islam. Also, about how his mother was not very happy with his decision to convert. However, in time, people learn to accept differences and respect them.

77-year old actress Lily Tomlin received the Lifetime Achievement Award. During her speech, she said that there are so many issues in the world right now, that it would be impossible to touch on all of them. They vary from global warming to immigration and the LGBT rights. Other actors like Sarah Paulson and Bryan Cranston also talked about the same recurring topic of the night.

These national turbulences are a follow-up of Donald Trump’s executive order. It bans entry of all refugees in the United States for 120 days. Moreover, Syrian refugees are banned indefinitely. People from seven Muslim countries are also banned from entering the country for 90 days. The countries are Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Iran. There is also a bigger issue here because many stars have announced that they would boycott the Oscars. Among them, the director and the star of the movie “The Salesman” which is up for Best Foreign Language film.

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