Sanders Says: Right ‘Tea Party’ Fake, Left ‘Tea Party’ Is…

Sanders Says: Right ‘Tea Party’ Fake, Left ‘Tea Party’ Is…

Ever since the Tea party first emerged in 2010 the Left has done everything it could to delegitimize it. You can’t blame the Democrats for hating the Tea Party because it is one of the major reasons they are no longer in power. So, during an interview on Sunday Senator Bernie Sanders made some statement about the ‘Tea Party’. Here is the video:

“It’s not a tea party because the tea party was essentially funded by the billionaire Koch brothers,” Sanders said during an interview Sunday on “Meet the Press.” “This is a spontaneous and grass-roots uprising of the American people.”

Senator Sanders also predicted that conservatives and progressives will be upset if Obamacare is repealed. “How many of them are going to die? Are you really going to repeal the protection against pre-existing conditions so that people who have cancer or heart disease will no longer be able to have health insurance? You going to throw kids off of their parents’ health insurance programs?”

Sanders continued to take shots “Well, guess who’s running the swamp right now?” he asked. “The same exact Wall Street guys from Goldman Sachs who were there in the past. “

Of course, Sanders made no mention of how the Democrats have been already caught with paid protesters. Sanders seemed to already know that protests are planned stating that they are going to get larger and more violent. This just seems to be another warning shot at Republicans to not repeal Obamacare, and if they do they have paid protesters at the ready.

Source: Huffington Post, You Tube