Watch! Spicer OWN A Reporter During Presser

Watch! Spicer OWN A Reporter During Presser

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer lost his calm during an exchange with a reporter, at a briefing. American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan told Spicer that the White House should not forget that it has a rather big problem to deal with, and that is Russia. Spicer then crushed the reporter that was trying to push her agenda. 

Sean Spicer loses his calm

Ryan told Spicer that the Trump administration is just two and a half months in and it already has lots of issues. Among them, the Russian intervention in the presidential election and Trump’s wiretapping accusations, targeting Barack Obama. Sean Spicer cut her off numerous times, stating the facts. Still, Ryan went on and talked about the investigation into Trump’s connections with Russia. Spicer interrupted her again by saying that there is no link whatsoever and that he is tired of this. What Russia did is its problem, but it has nothing to do with the president.

Then, the White House press secretary decided that it was time for a joke. So, he suddenly said that if President Trump is putting Russian dressing on his salad in the evening, he suddenly has a connection with Russia. Spicer also pointed at the people who said that there is no proof of any connection between Trump his team, and Russia. That was the moment when Spicer told Ryan that she should stop shaking her head and that he is sorry that the facts disgust her. Finally, the White House press secretary told the reporter that she would have to take no for an answer, regarding the president’s supposed ties with Russia.

Other topics

Sean Spicer also discussed a lot of other items. For example, he wanted to reassure everyone that the president is going to do everything he can to fulfill his promises. The President wants to bring back jobs, to grow the nation’s economy, to make America great again. Spicer continued saying that everything Trump is doing is in America’s best interest.

It is not like this was the first time Spicer clashed with reporters during White House briefings. Spicer has done a great job as journalists have tried to spin their false narratives. Yesterday, he challenged them and made them look like the fools they are. 

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