How are Things going in the Wake of the Second presidential Debate

How are Things going in the Wake of the Second presidential Debate

On October 9, the second presidential debate took place at the Washington University. After the debate ended, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton declared that she was very surprised by the “avalanche of falsehoods” which Donald Trump threw at her.

Clinton’s opinion

The democratic nominee spoke with some reporters in her plane, after the debate ended. She seemed relaxed and content with her performance. About Trump, she said that even if nothing surprises her about him anymore, all of those false accusations did the trick. Her husband, Bill Clinton was also present during her interview with the press but did not talk.  Her campaign manager also spoke with the press and reminded them about the stunt Trump pulled. He chose to invite four women who accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual behavior. The campaign manager specified that this trick did nothing for Trump. The Republican nominee did not use it in his favor. Also, it did not help him because the race and people’s opinion of him have not changed. He is still behind.

Trump’s tape

On Friday, the media released an 11-year-old tape. In this video, Trump is making some very controversial and sexually abusive remarks. And naturally, many people shared their opinion on the matter. One of the most important people who did this was Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former California governor and Trump’s replacement in the show The Apprentice expressed his feelings. He said that the Republican candidate will not get his vote. Arnold revealed his regret about the fact that for the first time since 1983 (when he became citizen of the U.S) he is not going to vote for the Republican nominee.

In an official statement posted on the social media platforms, Schwarzenegger wrote that above party or anything else, there is a more important duty which a presidential candidate must accomplish. The duty to be American. He said that even if he still has not decided for which party to vote, he is slowly reaching a conclusion in the light of recent events. And the list of Republicans who do not believe in Trump is growing with each passing day.

What is all about

In the tape which was recorded in 2005, Trump can be heard talking with Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush. He is saying that he tried to obtain sexual favors from Nancy O’Dell, who is now co-hosting for Entertainment Tonight. On Friday, Trump apologized for the things he said in that tape. But he chose to turn things around yet again and to attack Bill Clinton. He supposedly said some very nasty things to him on the golf course. He deemed his remarks “foolish” and specifically said that he is not a perfect person. But despite the media attacks and everyone’s harsh opinion, he said that he will stay in the presidential race no matter what.

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton also won the second presidential debate. And many people agree. But while her team should not start packing just yet, this would be a good time for her to start thinking about the color for the curtains in the Oval Office.

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